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CSAT, CES or NPS? Which Customer Satisfaction Metric Is Right For You?

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, customer satisfaction is more important than ever; your effective customer service may be the thing that sets you apart from the competition – or the thing that makes you fall behind. Your Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and Customer Effort Score (CES) all provide valuable feedback and insight into your performance, but which metric is best for your business? Learning more about these different metrics and customer feedback surveys can help you make an informed decision and make the most of your customer experience.

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Revealed! 10 Guaranteed Ways To Increase Your Online Survey Response Rates

When you’re trying to gather information using online or offline surveys, it can be very difficult to get a good rate of response. You get a few respondents who finish the survey, but otherwise, have a lackluster response to requests or abandoned processes part way through the survey. So how do you improve your response rate?

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10 Creative Ways to Use Surveys in the Workplace

Gaining employee candid feedback is essential to improving and nurturing a healthy workplace culture. We use in-person feedback stations to provide insight to our management team – and sometimes to inject a bit of fun into the office.

If you need any type of data collection in the workplace, offline surveys should be your go-to solution! Especially if you use a beautiful, super easy iPad survey app like QuickTapSurvey.

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Are You Making These 5 Common Survey Mistakes?

Whether you are collecting survey data from customers, employees or the public, there are a few common survey mistakes that companies make over and over again.

When designing surveys, you’ll find it’s the small nuances that make a big difference in how questions are answered. Complex choices, ambiguous terms, and vague wording are all problematic because they allow respondents to interpret the meaning of the question however they like.

While not totally inclusive, these five tips are common offenders in building quality surveys.

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3 Tips For Conducting An Intercept Survey

Intercept surveys are a great method for obtaining feedback from an audience that visited a specific location or engaged in a particular activity. Interviews are typically conducted during or immediately after the event. It sounds simple, but there is a right way to ask people to stop and participate in your research.

If your business conducts intercept surveys — whether for field research in remote areas, visitor feedback at art organizations, or market research at outdoor venues — there are a few basic tips you’ll want to heed.

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How To Supercharge Your User Personas With Online Surveys

Creating user personas to target users isn’t anything new. This process usually entails putting together internal thoughts from your sales, marketing and customer success teams combined with any other data points you’ve already captured about your user base. The process usually results in gaps that you fill based on gut, perception or just plain guessing.

Sending a survey to your customers is a great way to fill those gaps, back up what you already know, and pre-identify which customers belong to which profile.

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Calculate a Customer Satisfaction Index Score

It’s important to ensure your customers are happy, but do you know how happy they are?

More importantly, do you know if your customer satisfaction is improving or getting worse? To understand changes to satisfaction over time, you need to calculate a customer satisfaction index score to benchmark against.

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6 Intriguing Stats: Why Repeat Customers Are Profitable

If you’re looking to drive growth – have you tapped into your customer base? Targeting your customer base for repeat purchases or to upsell them to new products or services costs far less than bringing new customers into the door. Cultivating happy, repeat customers is key to driving revenue and profitability. You’ll spend less on marketing, increase your customer lifetime value and achieve a better return on your investment when you focus on re-selling to your existing customer base.

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5 Reasons You Should Use Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Your customers know best – they are the ultimate authority on how they value your product, service or business. The best way to gain access to this information is to ask for feedback. Customer Satisfaction Surveys ensure that you gain a full understanding of your customer’s perception of you and that you are doing everything you can to make things right.

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Are Online Reviews Helping or Hurting Your Business?

The internet has revolutionalised communications and that, in turn, is changing the way brands market to consumers. As websites like Yelp continue to grow in popularity, it’s important for companies to monitor and manage customer reviews with an online review strategy.

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How To Deal With Furious Customers Online

If you run a business, you’re no doubt familiar with how quickly a customer’s social media complaint can spread like wildfire reaching literally thousands of people in mere minutes.

It’s a familar scenario that companies find themselves in. Who can forget the see-through pants complaints that hit athletic wear company Lululemon back in 2013? Once the media got wind of the complaints dozens of damning headlines were written within a week and Lululemon’s pocketbook suffered.

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6 Unique Ways Of Making Surveys Fun

Boring, uninspiring surveys can achieve the opposite to their desired outcome. Approximately 20% of respondents who start a survey do not complete it, especially if it is long and laborious.

So what can you do to ensure that abandonment rates are kept to a minimum, and your respondents enjoy taking part in your survey?

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3 Survey Design Tips To Collect Better Data

What are your objectives? Who are you speaking to? How do you plan to use the data?

These are all things you should be asking yourself before you decide what types of questions to use, how to write them, and even what survey tool to use. (Hint: Make sure the survey tool you choose facilitates the types of questions you need.)

Here are three survey design tips that will help you regardless of the purpose of your survey — employee engagement, customer satisfaction, lead capture, audit checklist or market research.

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Guest Post: Why Less Is More For The Optimal Survey Length

Have you ever created an online survey and felt disappointed with the data you collected? Have you been asked to answer a survey and felt irritated with the questions?

A good survey should consider both your needs for data and the capabilities and experiences of the respondents. It should also collect complete, accurate and reliable data.

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How To Avoid Survey Bias In Your Questions

Survey bias is something researchers and survey experts have long loathed. Too much of it can literally make the results of your surveys insignificant and irrelevant.

The thing about survey bias that most businesses forget is that it’s not just about the way you phrase a question, but also the types of questions you choose and the order of your questions.

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3 Clever Ways To Increase Your Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score surveys (NPS) are a universal benchmark for companies who want to continuously measure customer loyalty. The reason it’s so popular has a lot to do with its simplicity and ease of use.

So how can companies improve their NPS rankings? We have a few ideas.

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Top 5 Online Surveys You Should Be Sending Your Customers

Are you asking questions that matter? Knowing answers to the biggest questions that drive value for your business is a key factor in understanding and accelerating growth. Asking the right question can be your key to finding that opportunity, seeing your customer in a different light, or having a lightbulb moment.

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Are Your Customers Sick of Your Surveys?

More companies than ever before are asking their customers for feedback – great – however not enough of them are paying attention to attractive survey design. And this is a problem because lengthy, ugly surveys serve to further perpetuate the myth that surveys are a waste of time. When in fact they are the most reliable and cost-effective tool to measure customer satisfaction – a critical part of running a successful business.

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Rob Markey Q&A: The Value of NPS and Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Rob Markey is an expert in customer service strategies, customer and employee loyalty, and new product development. As a partner at Bain & Company, he helps businesses understand the value of the Net Promoter System, a methodology for connecting employees to customer feedback, as well as the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a methodology for measuring customer loyalty.

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AGO Uses a Visitor feedback Survey to Collect Insights

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) is among the most distinguished art museums in North America with more than 90,000 works of art. The art gallery uses QuickTapSurvey to administer a quantitative visitor research survey in an iPad. Staff members intercept visitors with the survey to collet data that informs programming and exhibition decisions.

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Fabulous Fan Fayre Measures Customer Satisfaction for Manchester City Football Club

Fabulous Fan Fayre is the catering partner of the Manchester City Football Club, serving up culinary delights to thousands of hungry fans at the Etihad Stadium. In order to ensure customer loyalty, it was important for them to consistently measure customer satisfaction with their food. What’s more, they also wanted the ability to react in real-time, by addressing any negative feedback or complaints on the spot. With QuickTapSurvey, Fabulous Fan Fayre was able to quickly get the feedback they needed to keep their customers happy.

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Arrowhead Health Centers Uses QuickTapSurvey for Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Arrowhead Health Centers has clinics located in four cities in sunny Arizona. What drew them to us was their transformative approach to patient-centred healthcare. The clinic’s adoption of in-house apps, electronic medical records, and mobile app-based patient satisfaction surveys reflects their commitment to the latest technological advances to improve healthcare service quality.

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Ciroc Vodka Uses QuickTapSurvey for Retail Audits and On-Site Surveys

Ciroc Vodka is a U.S.-based spirits brand that specializes in vodka imported from France. Ciroc wanted the ability for untrained staff to collect large amounts of information effortlessly as part of their retail audits. It was important that management was able to view the data in real-time and use key findings to prepare a growth strategy. After using QuickTapSurvey, it became clear that no other retail audit and on-site survey tool could compare.

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Geometry Global Uses QuickTapSurvey for Data Capture and Brand Activation

Geometry Global requires no introduction if you’re in the marketing and advertising industry. Born out of the merger between G2, OgilvyAction and JWTAction, Geometry Global is the world’s largest brand activation agency, employing over 4,000 people in 56 countries. Geometry Global uses QuickTapSurvey to collect consumer data from the general public and engage in brand activation for their client campaigns. One such campaign was a street intercept survey in New York City.

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QuickTapSurvey Helps Toronto Pearson International Airport With Long-Term Satisfaction Study

Toronto Pearson International Airport needs no introduction. The second busiest airport in North America in terms of international passengers, it handles in excess of 44 million total passengers a year through its two terminals. At Toronto Pearson, there are more than 1,180 planes that take off and land each day. The size of a small city, Toronto Pearson is a powerful transportation hub used by just about all of the world’s major carriers and is home to Canada’s flagship carrier, Air Canada.

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