5 Reasons You Should Use Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Your customers know best – they are the ultimate authority on how they value your product, service or business. The best way to gain access to this information is to ask for feedback. Customer Satisfaction Surveys ensure that you gain a full understanding of your customer’s perception of you and that you are doing everything you can to make things right.

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You Can’t Afford to Miss the Mark

According to Kissmetrics, poor customer service costs business 83 billion dollars per year, and over 70% of customers have ended a relationship with a business after a bad experience. How can you tell if you are falling into the danger zone and risking customer loss? On-site customer satisfaction surveys allow customers to provide much-needed feedback while the experience is fresh; reviewing this data can help you ensure that you are not scaring away business.

The Customer Experience is More Transparent than Ever

Thanks to social media and online review sites like Yelp, your customer’s experience is no longer just a personal connection between the two of you. The good, the bad and the downright ugly feedback a customer has for you and shares with others is visible for the world to see. When you’ve provided a great experience, all is well, but if you miss something, that poor feedback will be out there for the world to see. A customer service survey provides real-time feedback and allows you to take steps if something is amiss; it also provides you with a useable testimonial when everything goes right.

How Loyal are your Customers?

The feedback you get from in-person or on-site surveys allows you to rapidly assess the experience and gives you an idea of your ability to retain a particular customer. It costs you far more time, effort and cash to attract and close a new customer than it does to retain an old one; keeping customers loyal and happy helps your bottom line. In-person surveys give you instant feedback and insight into how likely you are to retain a specific customer, and tracking survey data regularly is a good indicator of your overall retention success.

Differentiation Matters

In competitive fields or industries that sell similar products or services, differentiation matters; if you want to stand out, you’ll have to give prospects a reason to choose you over your competitors. It can’t be all about price; the service you provide can help you stand out in even a crowded marketplace. Real-time feedback ensures that you offering the best possible experience and allows you to make changes as needed, instantly. The closer you are to your competitors, the more important your service is – and feedback tells you if you are getting the job done.

Improve your Product

Feedback on your offerings, whether you sell a tangible product or service, allows you to make changes and improve your items based on what your actual customers think. Whether you are launching a new product or revisiting an existing one, feedback allows you to collect and assess data and ensures that you are offering the best product or service you can.

Make the most of your customer experience – and find out what your customers are thinking.



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