Customer Survey Research Methods

Learn how our QuickTapSurvey’s research customers collect the data they need from any situation.

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Fast & Accurate Input

Custom keyboards and shortcuts make data entry faster, easier and more accurate.

Real-Time Survey Results

Analyze survey responses as soon as they are collected.

Works Without Internet

When offline, data is safely stored in the app until the device is reconnected.

Unlimited Data Collection

All plans come with unlimited surveys and responses.


Use a single device or a thousand and manage your data in one place.

Data Integrations

Export leads to Salesforce, export contacts to Infusionsoft, export emails from Mailchimp, and import surveys from SurveyMonkey.

Template Library

Our customizable survey templates can help you get started.

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Customer Stories

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Challenge: IMPL needed the research tools to help them identify the drivers of instability in conflict and post-conflict areas.
Results: QuickTapSurvey provides an easy offline tool for IMPL researchers and increases the accuracy of data capture.
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