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Robust tools for easy data capture

Mobile Data Collection

Easily collect information for waivers and releases no matter where you are. QuickTapSurvey’s waiver forms work with iPad, iPhone, or Android devices.

100% Data Coverage

Capture data anywhere, even if you’re offline. All data collected on your waiver forms is stored in the app until you’re connected to the internet again.

Branding & Design

Use our powerful waiver app to create beautifully branded forms in minutes. No coding needed! Build from scratch or jump right in with a prebuilt template.

Signature Capture

Get the consent you need without resorting to paperwork. Just add a signature capture field to your forms to start collecting e-signatures in no time.

Terms and Conditions

Make sure your users know what they’re signing. Easily display your Terms and Conditions for review, and let people choose to accept or decline.

Media Viewer

Easily include further instructions and other information on your waiver forms by displaying a YouTube video, PDF document, or website to form fillers.

Fast & Accurate Input

Get acceptance of legal terms quickly by creating a smooth form experience. Custom keyboards and shortcuts make data entry fast, easy, and accurate.

Email Alerts & Notifications

Send automated alerts internally to inform your team of a new submission, or send notifications to users to let them know you’ve received their signed waiver.

Powerful Security

Keep sensitive information safe with our secure waiver and release app. All data is encrypted both within the app and when it’s in transit between your device and our servers.

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Dozens of businesses use QuickTapSurvey to seamlessly handle waivers, releases, and other data collection needs.

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Integrate with hundreds of apps.

Connect your waiver forms with apps like Zapier, MailChimp, and Salesforce to automate your workflows. Send information to your CRM, add new contacts to your email marketing lists, route data to your G Suite, and much more.

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Enhance your data collection.

Events & Activities

Easily capture participant signatures at sponsored events and activities.

Employee Waivers

Have employees quickly sign off on activities outside the scope of their job.

Business Agreements

Safely collect consent for legal terms and other business proceedings.

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