Increase Your Net Promoter Score With On-Site NPS Surveys

Use iPads or Android tablets to capture your Net Promoter Score at the time of experience. Our in-person NPS surveys are easy to create, fun to do and provide fast, actionable insights.

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Net Promoter Scoring made simple.

Quick Setup

Create the perfect survey in just minutes.

Unlimited Data Collection

All plans come with unlimited surveys and responses.

Works Without Internet

When offline, data is safely stored in the app until the device is reconnected.

Available for iOS & Android

Collect survey responses with iPads, iPhones and Android tablets or phones.

Fast & Accurate Input

Custom keyboards and shortcuts make data entry faster, easier and more accurate.

Manage Surveys Remotely

Send your survey to a device located anywhere in the world.

Easy to Use

Get started without any technical expertise whatsoever.


Data is secure on the device, at and in transit.


Use a single device or a thousand and manage your data in one place.

Template Library

Our customizable survey templates can help you get started.

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Hear from the people who matter most - our customers.

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