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Build, customize and launch your campaigns in minutes, with 100% data coverage (no internet required).

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Core Features

  • Easy To Use

    Get started without any technical expertise whatsoever.

  • Quick Setup

    Create the perfect survey in just minutes.

  • Unlimited Data Collection -
    Online & Offline

    All plans come with unlimited surveys and responses.

  • Works Without Internet

    When offline, data is safely stored in the app until the device is reconnected.

  • Available for iOS & Android

    Collect survey responses with iPads, iPhones and Android tablets or phones.

  • Fast & Accurate Input

    Custom keyboards and shortcuts make data entry faster, easier, and more accurate.

  • Manage Surveys Remotely

    Send your survey to a device located anywhere in the world.

  • Secure

    Data is secure on the device, at and in transit.

  • Scalable

    Use a single device or a thousand and manage your data in one place.

Creating & Designing Surveys

  • Over 35 Question Types

    Create your survey by using more than 35 different question types.

  • Customizable Design

    Select your screen layout, colors and one of many pre-designed background images.

  • Unlimited Data Collection - Skip Logic & Question Branching

    Specify which question(s) to show based on the answers that have been selected.

  • Branding & Personalization

    Add your logo and a custom background image to personalize the survey.

  • Professional Templates

    Save time and get ideas for questions by using a survey template.

  • International Language Support

    Create surveys in any international language that is supported by the UTF-8 character set.

  • Import from SurveyMonkey®

    Import SurveyMonkey surveys into QuickTapSurvey and collect responses offline.

Face to Face & Kiosk Surveys

  • Intuitive Interface

    Designed for consumers to quickly and easily complete a survey.

  • Engaging Experience

    Make collecting data a fun experience by using our interactive question types.

  • Turn Tablets into Kiosks

    Transform your tablet into an interactive data collection kiosk.

  • Auto-Reply Email

    Send a pre-configured email to the consumer immediately upon completion of the survey.

  • Accept Terms and Conditions

    Record acceptance to terms and conditions.

  • Capture Signatures

    Capture a signature directly on the device screen.

  • Select a Random Winner

    Randomly select a survey response to determine a winner.

  • Kiosk Failure Notifications

    Send a notification to an email address when a monitored kiosk fails and when it becomes active again.

  • Active Kiosk Report

    Display a list of all kiosk surveys which are currently running on a device and connected to the internet.

Mobile Forms

  • Efficient Interface

    Designed for users to complete the same survey over and over.

  • Comprehensive Review

    Review and modify all answers easily before submitting.

  • Include Instructions

    Include instructions or manuals by embedding a PDF document into the survey.

  • Capture Photos

    Take a photo with any camera-equipped tablet or phone.

  • Scan QR Codes

    Scan QR codes with contact details and other information.

  • Input Map Coordinates

    Input geographical locations by dropping a pin on a map.

Reporting & Analytics

  • Real-Time Survey Results

    Analyze survey responses as soon as they are collected.

  • Multiple Download Formats

    View and download survey data in a number of popular file formats.

  • Professional Management Reports

    Generate professional PDF reports to share your survey results with others.

  • NPS & Satisfaction Reports

    Report on-going satisfaction scores to measure the happiness and loyalty of your customers.

  • Monitor Users

    Track users in real-time and monitor their progress by the hour.

  • Send Email Notifications

    Alert a person or group of people by email when a survey response meets a specific set of conditions.

  • Score Surveys

    Automatically calculate a score for each survey response by assigning a value to each possible answer.

  • Scheduled Reports

    Schedule reports to be automatically sent to your inbox.

Data Integrations

  • Export Leads to Salesforce

    Map survey questions to Lead Object fields and export data directly to Salesforce®.

  • Export Contacts to Infusionsoft

    Map survey questions to Contact fields and export data directly to Infusionsoft®.

  • Export Emails to MailChimp

    Map survey questions to List fields and export data directly to MailChimp®.

  • Import from SurveyMonkey®

    Import SurveyMonkey surveys into QuickTapSurvey and collect responses offline.

  • API Access

    Access survey responses programmatically.

  • Connect to Apps With Zapier

    Zapier is an online automation tool that helps you connect QuickTapSurvey to your favorite apps.

Agency & Reseller

  • White Label

    Re-brand our web application with your logo, colors and a custom URL.

Use Management

  • Role-Based Access Control

    Create users with access to specific capabilities and surveys.

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