Why Customer Feedback Surveys Are A Must-Have Marketing Tool For The Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium®, an Ocean Wise initiative®, is a precious jewel in the heart of Stanley Park. Since Canada’s first public aquarium opened their doors, 62 years ago, more than 40 million people have come to see the home of more than 50,000 aquatic animals. Not only do the employees strive to fascinate visitors with the intriguing beauty of the animals and plants, they also work tirelessly to educate and inspire visitors to conserve these marine animals and ecosystems and to protect our oceans.

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With anywhere between one thousand to more than six thousand visitors coming to the Aquarium daily, the use of paper comment cards was becoming an increasingly frustrating way to capture on-site customer feedback. 

The Aquarium was also missing out on many opportunities to capture visitor reactions as collecting feedback wasn’t a continuous activity, ceasing when employees and volunteers were occupied on other tasks.

Finally, not only was the data capture slow and tedious, by the time the paper comment cards were digitized and reviewed, the opportunity to reconcile any issues with less-than-satisfied visitors or improve an experience was lost.


In the past, the Aquarium had tried other data collection apps, but none were as user friendly. With a little luck, QuickTapSurvey found Vancouver Aquarium at a time that they were looking for a more robust customer feedback survey tool. After using QuickTapSurvey through one of their busiest months, they loved how simple the platform was and how it filled gaps in their previous data collection methods. The Vancouver Aquarium finally had a hassle free and visually stunning method to collect data for both customer feedback as well as research purposes.

“I would recommend QuickTapSurvey to businesses who need to consolidate their many methods of gathering customer feedback into one centralized platform. The ease of obtaining timely responses and reports is incredibly valuable to any organization dedicated to enriching the visitor experience. One of the best advantages is that the survey app is very easy-to-use and in case of any question or issue, their support team is always helpful and prompt to assist. Lastly, having the ability to submit a feature request and see it to fruition is pretty awesome.”

Linda Lavergne
Manager, Visitor Experience & Admissions


The Vancouver Aquarium has been able to take advantage of numerous features on the QuickTapSurvey Expert plan that has optimized their data collection efforts. They use surveys all year long and rotate through a variety depending on what’s happening at the Aquarium. One of the most significant benefits that the Aquarium has found is the ability to quickly duplicate and tweak their year-round surveys to better suit their special events calendar. As for the number of responses they receive from visitors they have seen a double-digit increase compared to the same period in previous years. For example, one survey alone earned more than 700 responses in just three weeks.

Apart from the increase in responses, the collection of responses has been greatly improved. Using kiosk mode, the Aquarium set up unattended iPads to capture guest feedback as visitors left specific exhibits. QuickTapSurvey’s face to face survey mode permitted staff to speak to visitors adding a personal touch whilst gaining valuable data.

Overall the Vancouver Aquarium has been able to exceed their visitor feedback goals by conducting 35 different surveys this past year. They have saved two hours a week in manual data collection entry efforts in the low season, and up to four hours per week in the summer season.

Unexpected Benefits

  • Testing the success of various conservation initiatives run by different departments such as a conservation initiative awareness plan to reduce the use of plastic water bottles.
  • Asking questions about different elements of each visit allowed the Aquarium to collect data that could be used by various departments but only required visitors to fill out one survey.
  • The ability to generate reports and graphs in Excel was a function not realized until QuickTapSurvey. The reports allow managers to look back at specific responses to see exactly what was happening in the Aquarium.
  • The ability to be notified immediately of certain responses and reach visitors while they are still on site.
  • Reducing staff training time on how to conduct the survey when using face-to-face mode.


Kiana Chin

Kiana Chin

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