Our Awesome Partners

The QuickTapSurvey partners program is designed to support and accelerate the planning process of any organization which requires empowerment within the verticals we operate. To do so, QuickTapSurvey provides enablement, joint marketing efforts, and technical support across software and hardware to our corporate partners.

Do You Wish to Become a Partner?

Simply send your request and intended purpose of becoming a partner to partners@quicktapsurvey.com

Flying Connected

Flying Connected is the number one source for your complete iPad Rental needs in the United States. With the ability to rent hundreds of iPads, Kiosk Stands and other accessories for an event of any size.

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The lilitab iPad ® kiosk system is the most elegant & functional secure iPad kiosk enclosure available anywhere. Customize the lilitab with your company logo, color or even custom electronics-it's the most flexible iPad stand & iPad mount on the market.

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READYACTION is the maker of smartphone and tablet holders that mount to your body or other surfaces allowing for hands free operations of your mobile device. QuickTapSurvey customers can enjoy $10 off the READYACTION Office by using promo code "QuickTapSurvey"!

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iPadEnclosures provides a large selection of iPad kiosk solutions to enable growing businesses with secure iPad kiosk products and customized software support.

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iPadKiosks created three models of iPad kiosks, perfect for retail environments, trade show displays, hotel lobbies, university directories and so much more.

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iPad Wall Bracket

The iPad Wall Bracket lets you securely mount your iPad in your office, clinic, store, tradeshow display, or in virtually any other commercial environment.

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iPad Simple

iPad Simple is a design and manufacturing company specializing in Apple iPad and other tablet security enclosures and mounts.

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Graduate Promotions

Graduate Promotions provides advisory, support and execution services to graduate employers. We're the leader in our field, working both in the UK, US and internationally, pioneering many of the approaches used today and working on award-winning campaigns.

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