Live Product Testing Survey Template

Live Product Testing Survey

Are you using pen and paper to conduct product testing? Use fast and easy surveys like this example to collect feedback while customers test your product!

How to get started with this product testing template:

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  4. Collect responses
  5. View your product testing responses, download your data and generate attractive, shareable reports!

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Also referred to as consumer testing and comparative testing, live product testing is an important method of verifying how much consumers understand the benefit and value of a product.

  • Industry manufacturers - with the intent to produce products that maintain a standard of quality for the consumer
  • Consumer organizations - with the intent to work in the best interest of the buyer and create a voice for the buyer to communicate with industry and government
  • Government agencies - testing with the intent to ensure consumer protections against false claims by manufacturers

Purposes of a live product testing session:

A live product testing survey session is a good way to confirm that the development of a new product is progressing well. Product testing can also provide a standard data set for several applications, accurately compare several products, help resolve issues with the product and it can also produce cost-saving ideas.

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