Air Canada Rouge Conducts Flight Inspections Using QuickTapSurvey

Air Canada rouge is Canada’s leisure airline with flights to holiday spots in over five continents. As part of the Air Canada family, the airline focuses on delivering memorable vacations along with high-tech entertainment on flights.

The company uses QuickTapSurvey as a modern way to conduct flight inspections which measure staff compliance to procedures. Their ROI in using QuickTapSurvey has been impressive. Since implementing the tool, they have achieved over 95% staff compliance.

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air canadaThe Challenge

  • Measure staff compliance to company onboarding procedures on flights.
  • Avoid using paper and clipboards to conduct audits and inspections on flights.
  • Find a high-tech solution that does not require an Internet connection.

The Solution

  • Use QuickTapSurvey to measure compliance by creating inspection checklists.
  • Equip senior staff with iPads to monitor the performance of junior staff.
  • Transmit recorded data as soon as the flight lands.

The Results

  • Collected a high volume of data on flights where internet access was not available.
  • Easy-to-understand graphs and charts allowed management to analyze staff compliance changes over time.
  • Achieved over 95 percent staff compliance to procedures using QuickTapSurvey.


Shereen Dindar
Shereen Dindar was a Content Manager at QuickTapSurvey in 2015 and 2016. Have a story idea? Email us at