Price Sensitivity Survey Template

Price Sensitivity

Trying to figure out a fair price for your product or service? We’ve got a survey for that! QuickTapSurvey can help you measure your target market’s price sensitivity using surveys like this one. With over 35 question types, you can find out exactly what you want to hear from your customers. Best part? Responses can be collected offline using kiosks or tablets.

What is price sensitivity?

Price sensitivity is the amount by which the cost of an item affects an individual's purchasing decisions.

Why you should create a price sensitivity survey:

Your customers are considered very price sensitive if their desire to purchase an item changes drastically or if the price of the item changes slightly. Sometimes when there are many different competitors offering a similar product or service, this can have an impact and increase price sensitivity for that product or service. Your product or service can also be subject to low price sensitivity, which means that a large change in price may lead to a comparatively smaller change in demand from consumers. It is important to monitor and understand your target market's price sensitivity in order to make smart decisions about the price of your service, product, or commodity. Creating a price sensitivity survey is a great way to understand and collect information on this important market factor.

How to create your survey with the QuickTapSurvey app:

  1. Sign up with QuickTapSurvey.
  2. Build your price sensitivity survey in minutes with our survey builder app, either by starting with one of our templates or by creating your own survey from scratch.
  3. Download the app to your mobile phone or tablet and load the survey on your device.
  4. Collect research on price sensitivity from your target market using the survey you have created.
  5. Analyze your data and generate beautiful and shareable reports.

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