10 Creative Ways to Use Surveys in the Workplace

Gaining employee candid feedback is essential to improving and nurturing a healthy workplace culture. We use in-person feedback stations to provide insight to our management team – and sometimes to inject a bit of fun into the office. 

If you need any type of data collection in the workplace, offline surveys should be your go-to solution! Especially if you use a beautiful, super easy iPad survey app like QuickTapSurvey. Here are some fun ways to use surveys in the workplace:

10 Creative Ways to Use Surveys in the Workplace

  1. Coffee Blends Satisfaction

    We all know how important coffee is to every office. But do you know your employees’ real feelings about their coffee? This is a great survey you can leave at a kiosk by your coffee machine so you can get live real-time feedback.

  2. Office Snacks

    We are all human, we need food and have opinions. We should take into consideration everyone’s opinions when it comes to selection of office snacks. This survey is a great way for office managers to coordinate what snacks are working and which ones are not.

  3. Daily Employee Happiness Check

    There is no need to only find out how an employee or coworker is doing only at the morning huddle or when passing. We spend at least 8 hours in the office, during those 8 hours our feelings and emotions can seriously change, so why not find out about it? Should an employee feel really down or frustrated you can receive an email notification and help address the problem face on!

  4. Employee of the Month

    Employee recognition from an employee’s manager is great. But employee recognition from their peers through popular vote is even better! This survey will allow employees to complete anonymously and provided feedback and good vibes all around.

  5. Voting on the Next Team Event

    What’s worse than planning a team event no one enjoys? It’s planning a team event that no one attends. Everyone has different interest and abilities; being inclusive for deciding team events is best to ensure turnout is high. A survey is great to get employee’s opinions on what kind of team events they are interested in, what dates work for them, and they can even rank their most ideal team event. This will help make decision making easier and provide confidence with the decision made.

  6. Invitation Responses

    Calendar invites are great! But there are some serious drawbacks. Sometimes employees forget to respond to email invites or it gets lost in the sea of their inbox. The available data collected from a calendar invite is often limited to their only response. Using a survey to collect invitation responses is ideal because they allow you to collect as much information that you will need to plan for the event, for instance, if someone is bringing a guest. This information is key in making your next event a success!

  7. Feedback from a Team Event

    The team event, that you’ve just planned using a survey, is now complete. But we want to know if it was it a hit or a miss. You can easily send around a survey at the end of the event or leave it in a kiosk by the door, with one or two questions maximum, for people to answer on their way out. This will allow employees and their guests to provide you with real-time feedback as to whether they were really satisfied.

  8. Catering Orders

    Do you provide weekly catering in the office? Or are you ordering pizza for that monthly company meeting? Struggling with what or how much to order? Then a catering survey is perfect for you! This survey will allow you to determine how much you need to order, what people will like to have, and should anyone have dietary restrictions.

  9. Swag Sizing Collection

    Every quarter you give an employee a new company t-shirt and as part of your onboarding process, each new employee gets a laundry list of new swag. But now you are faced with the problem of trying to figure out their size. You can send out an email, message them, or just ask them outright, however, your responses will be all over the place. By sending out a survey to your employees you can find out everyone’s size and have all the data in a central HR database.

  10. Company Games/Trivia

    Workplace surveys do not have to be strictly for business or operations. Surprisingly, surveys can be used for fun! You can create a survey to collect fun facts about your employees or pass around a weekly trivia survey and see which of your employees gets the most answer correct. With the trivia collected from your employees, you can create a game for two truths and a lie!


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