Are Your Customers Sick of Your Surveys?

Customer surveys are actually a good thing. But you wouldn’t know that because everyone you talk to has a case of survey fatigue.

More companies than ever before are asking their customers for feedback – great – however not enough of them are paying attention to attractive survey design. And this is a problem because lengthy, ugly surveys serve to further perpetuate the myth that surveys are a waste of time. When in fact they are the most reliable and cost-effective tool to measure customer satisfaction – a critical part of running a successful business.

Creating a beautiful customer facing survey is easy with QuickTapSurvey. The platform allows you to customize everything – logos, fonts, colors, and backgrounds, so you can match your organization’s branding perfectly. Furthermore, there are no tiny, frustrating buttons to deal with – the user interface is simple and bold – allowing for super-quick survey completions, perfect when you have large crowds. The best part though is that there is no need for an internet connection – you can now take your surveys wherever your customers are!

Take a look at our recent demo surveys for an idea of what’s possible with QuickTapSurvey and if you like what you see, consider creating your own survey for free.




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Deepa Christina Radh

Deepa Christina Radh

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Deepa Christina Radh