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Retail Audit Checklist: Get the Most Out of Your Inspections

Looking to get the most out of your retail audit and inspection? You’ve come to the right place. Audits and inspections are key to how a brand is perceived by consumers in-store.

QuickTapSurvey offers a simple audit and inspection survey tool that is currently being used by a major Internet technology company at close to 100 of their stand-alone stores in the US. The retailer uses tablets and smartphones to complete self-administered surveys. The survey design incorporates all the right questions to determine whether products are in the right place, properly displayed and promoted to encourage purchase. Photos are attached to survey responses.

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Air Canada Rouge Conducts Flight Inspections Using QuickTapSurvey

Air Canada rouge is Canada’s leisure airline with flights to holiday spots in over five continents. As part of the Air Canada family, the airline focuses on delivering memorable vacations along with high-tech entertainment on flights.

The company uses QuickTapSurvey as a modern way to conduct flight inspections which measure staff compliance to procedures. Their ROI in using QuickTapSurvey has been impressive. Since implementing the tool, they have achieved over 95% staff compliance.

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3 Reasons Why Survey Apps Are Perfect for Field Research and Inspections

QuickTapSurvey has just released an iPhone app that greatly simplifies all types of mobile data collection including Oil and Gas Inspections, Plant Evaluations, Scientific Research, Mystery Shopper Questionnaires and more! Portable surveys with online and offline data capture in the palm of your hand.

Why now? What are the current workflow problems facing these use cases?

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Ciroc Vodka Uses QuickTapSurvey for Retail Audits and On-Site Surveys

Ciroc Vodka is a U.S.-based spirits brand that specializes in vodka imported from France. Ciroc wanted the ability for untrained staff to collect large amounts of information effortlessly as part of their retail audits. It was important that management was able to view the data in real-time and use key findings to prepare a growth strategy. After using QuickTapSurvey, it became clear that no other retail audit and on-site survey tool could compare.

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