Retail Audit Checklist: How to Get the Most Out of Your Inspection

Looking to get the most out of your retail audit and inspection? You’ve come to the right place. Audits and inspections are key to how a brand is perceived by consumers in-store.

QuickTapSurvey offers a simple audit and inspection survey tool that is currently being used by a major internet technology company at close to 100 of their stand-alone stores in the US. The retailer uses tablets and smartphones to complete self-administered surveys. The survey design incorporates all the right questions to determine whether products are in the right place, properly displayed and promoted to encourage purchase. Photos are attached to survey responses.

If you are in charge of decision making at a retail showroom, read below for some of the things you should regular inspect and maintain in order to stay ahead of competitor activity and maximize ROI.

Retail Audits and Inspections by QuickTapSurvey

An audit provides the opportunity to constantly evaluate your brand in the minds of consumers Click To Tweet


1. Are the products on display up to date and damage free?
2. Are they available for testing and demonstration?
3. Does the display observe proper safety protocol?


1. Does the layout of the display work? Are the shelves fully stocked?
2. Is overcrowding an issue during the showroom’s busiest hours?
3. Are complimentary products displayed together/ nearby?


1. Is there enough promotional material? Is it up to date?
2. Do the branding elements deliver as required?
3. Is the material displayed appropriately?


1. Does it encourage the consumer to step into the showroom?
2. Does it enable the consumer to visualize the product in their home or office?
3. Are the displays clean and free from dust?


1. Does the POS system automatically update inventory?
2. Are the shopping carts in good working condition?
3. Are the entrances and exits unobstructed?

Try this easy survey audit tool. Use QuickTapSurvey.

Planned (and maybe even unannounced) retail audits covering each of these areas can make all the difference to your in-store marketing goals.

Use a mobile audit survey platform to automate and scale without worrying about high costs Click To Tweet By using a mobile audit survey platform, you can maintain a centralized database, and automate your inspections and checklists to scale easily across multiple locations, without worrying about high costs. Here are some of the unique benefits the QuickTapSurvey mobile data collection platform delivers:

-Unlimited forms, questionnaires and checklists
-Free industry standard templates to help you get started
-Advanced features like Scoring and Photo Capture
-Shortcuts and easy data entry for faster evaluations on-site
-Realtime data reporting for quick decision-making by management

A retail audit and inspection is a great way to maximize operational effectiveness, eliminate waste and overspend, and deliver exactly what each store needs to promote better and sell more! If you would like to talk to one of our amazing support staff, specialized in audits, inspections, assessments and evaluations, contact

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