3 Reasons Why Survey Apps Are Perfect for Field Research and Inspections

QuickTapSurvey has just released an iPhone app that greatly simplifies all types of mobile data collection including Oil and Gas Inspections, Plant Evaluations, Scientific Research, Mystery Shopper Questionnaires and more! Portable surveys with online and offline data capture in the palm of your hand.

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Why now? What are the current workflow problems facing these use cases?

  • Majority relies on clipboards using paper surveys or devices with multiple spreadsheets
  • Lack of automation, visibility, and control
  • Requires manual data re-entry, prone to inaccuracies
  • Critical supporting documentation including photos and geolocation have to be linked separately
  • Reports are time consuming and challenging to organize following the research/inspection
  • No centralized data location
  • No real-time data sharing
  • No data integrations
  • Delay in decision-making due to all of the above

Mobile data collection apps offer the efficiency and automation that paper simply cannot match. Particularly useful is QuickTapSurvey’s offline survey capability, no matter where someone is located in the field that data can be captured. Once online the data is synced and ready to be analyzed and shared.

3 Reasons Why Survey Apps are Perfect for Field Research & Inspections

Time & Cost Savings

A mobile app offers the ability to capture data directly on a tablet or smartphone, with or without an internet connection. Great when you’re on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean! Offline survey capability allows surveys to be conducted anywhere.

Increased Productivity

You can capture all types of data with a touch of a button including text, numbers, photos, signatures, date/time, geolocation, address and email. Massive amount of saved time by eliminating the need for manual data entry,

No Delays In Decision-Making

Everything is synced to one centralized database with the ability to integrate with 3rd party systems to eliminate repeat data entry.

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