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Use iPads or Android tablets to get patient feedback right after a consultation. Our on-site surveys are easy to create, fun to do and provide fast, actionable insights.

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Proven to improve patient satisfaction

“QuickTapSurvey is an easy to use patient feedback tool that helped us get more online reviews. It’s a modern solution for any clinic that takes patient satisfaction seriously.”

Sapna Flower
Naturopathic Doctor, Restore
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“QuickTapSurvey is an amazing tool to gather fresh patient feedback. It has increased our survey response rate and motivates employees to provide excellent service.”

Claire Bosma
Marketing Director, Orthopaedic Associates
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Why use QuickTapSurvey?

Increase 5 Star Reviews

Ask happy visitors to write a positive review on websites like Yelp and make it easy for them to do.

Get More Feedback

Guaranteed to give you more feedback than any other survey method.

Resolve Issues Immediately

Real-time notifications allow you to address negative feedback before it becomes a bad review.

Measure Satisfaction

Report daily, weekly and monthly satisfaction scores to get a live pulse of your guests.

Make Better Decisions

Instant graphical reports help you understand your guests and make data-driven decisions.

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