CSAT Survey Template

Introduction to Using a CSAT Survey

QuickTapSurvey makes collecting customer satisfaction feedback easy with this quick survey template. Quickly get a pulse of your customers experience by asking a few simple questions. Ensure that you are keeping your customers happy!

Why Use This Template

Now more than ever, customer service and customer experience can make or break a business. If customers aren’t asked, they won’t tell you about their experience and that could mean unhappy customers leaving your business. Some might never return. Don’t take that risk.

Use this CSAT and review survey template to quickly ask your customers to rate their visit. This allows management to gauge how your customers feel about their recent experience in order to make continuous improvements towards a better customer service experience. You’ll also get robust reporting to satisfy management needs.

The app’s offline capabilities allow data to be collected anywhere regardless of the network connection. Our kiosk feature does not require an employee to restart the survey each time someone completes it. It will return to the start screen automatically!

A CSAT survey is an easy way to improve business functions, provide the best customer service, and better your online presence.

Start your free trial today, and gain access to this CSAT survey template and all of our templates through the QuickTapSurvey app.