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Restaurant feedback made simple

Quick Data Capture

Let guests easily complete a restaurant survey form from the comfort of their mobile device or tablet. QuickTapSurvey works on all iOS and Android devices.

100% Data Coverage

Have spotty internet? No problem! Our restaurant survey app works offline seamlessly so you can continue capturing feedback data without missing a beat.

Branding & Personalization

Create beautiful surveys in minutes that match your restaurant's branding. Add your logo, include your brand colors, change backgrounds, and much more.

35+ Question Types

Customize the way you collect feedback through a variety of field types, including email capture, telephone number, sliding scales, star ratings, and text input.

Auto-Reply Emails

The little things matter. Thank customers and guests for completing your restaurant feedback survey with a personalized email as soon as they click submit.

Easy Kiosk Setup

Transform tablets into kiosks to collect feedback at tables or checkout. Your surveys will loop automatically and send alerts if there are issues with performance.

Instant Data Access

Have tables or restrooms that aren't being cleaned properly? View feedback as soon as it's submitted so you can take immediate action and improve your services.

Satisfaction Reporting

Keep tabs on your customer feedback with daily, weekly, and monthly satisfaction reports that you can easily share with your staff members and executive team.

Feedback Management

Ensure negative feedback gets addressed immediately by sending out instant email notifications to employees and managers as soon as a survey is submitted.

Proven to enhance customer satisfaction

“QuickTapSurvey is a quick and easy survey tool that captures the sentiment of our customers and helps us react to it. Customers are keen to jump on it.”

Ian Paech
Owner, Evolution Food Co. Inc.
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“QuickTapSurvey is easy to use, looks great, and does a stellar job of attracting customers to leave their email. It also has awesome capabilities for on-going product testing.”

Megan Chan
Co-Founder, Kanga
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Seamless data automation

Say goodbye to paperwork and manual data entry. With our restaurant survey app, you can connect your surveys to hundreds of applications like Zapier, Salesforce, and MailChimp. Easily add customer emails to your email platform, update your CRM with new details, organize feedback data in your G Suite, and much more.

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Improve your restaurant from top to bottom.

Food Quality

See what guests think of your food, and collect ideas for new menu items.

Service Experience

Ensure customer needs are met quickly and issues are handled appropriately.

Atmosphere & Ambience

Gauge whether customers feel welcome and comfortable in your restaurant.

Delectable survey templates

Easily create your own restaurant survey form from scratch or customize one of our pre-built templates to get started.

Delight your customers with excellent service.

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