Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Introduction to Using a Satisfaction Survey

Analyze customer data, gain customer insight, and react quickly to feedback with this quick survey template.

What is a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Collecting and using customer feedback is vital for any business. Customer feedback can help you make important decisions about your products and services and keep your customers happy. Gathering customer satisfaction data can help you gather a clear picture of how your customers are using your products or services, and discover issues and potential new opportunities to pursue.

Who Should Use a Retail Satisfaction Survey?

A satisfaction survey is critical to the success of any business in any industry.

Why Use Our Customer Satisfaction Survey Template?

Using our satisfaction survey will allow you to make continuous improvements, as you’ll get feedback directly from those that use your products and services. Learn if your marketing efforts are paying off and discover ways to improve customer service. You’ll also uncover ways to improve your product and will know why your customers leave.

Capture customer feedback in person or gather data remotely using a customer satisfaction kiosk. You can build your customer satisfaction survey template and start collecting responses on your mobile device or tablet in minutes. With over 35 amazing question types to choose from and great features like question branching, automated email responses, satisfaction questions, sliders, and star ratings, you'll be able to build and brand your own beautiful feedback surveys easily and quickly. Once you start collecting responses, you'll be able to view your customer data in real time and generate beautiful and shareable reports for your team to review and take action on.

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