Quick Contact Information CASL

Quick Contact Information CASL Template

CASL (Canada's Anti-Spam Law) is one of the most robust laws of it's kind internationally, affecting all of the messages that businesses distribute online. With the implementation of CASL, Canadian and International businesses are required to gain consent from contacts prior to distributing electronic messages to them. You don't need to be located in Canada for Canada's new anti-spam legislation to have an impact on your business. Many business activities, including sending out emails to customers, running a corporate website or having a mobile app are now affected by new regulations that will change the way you operate your business.

This detailed contact information survey has been designed address the compliance challenges that CASL now poses to large, medium and small businesses and is an important component of your CASL compliance plan in situations where you are required to collect contact information from your leads and customers.

How to get started collecting contact information with this CASL compliant survey example:

  1. Sign up for a plan with QuickTapSurvey
  2. Create your CASL compliant contact information form (you can start with this great template or create your own from scratch using our easy survey builder)
  3. Download the QuickTapSurvey app on your mobile device and sync your newly created survey to the device you will be using to collect data
  4. Collect detailed contact information from your leads and customers. Use your survey to gather consent from your contacts. You can collect data anywhere, with or without an internet connection!
  5. View the contact information you have collected, download your data and generate shareable reports

Get started today collecting CASL compliant information from your leads and customers today, and find out why QuickTapSurvey is the #1 survey app!

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