Trivia Quiz Survey Example

Fun Trivia Quiz Survey Template

A fun trivia quiz can be irresistible - everyone wants to find out how much they know about popular history and current events! Trivia quizzes can be used as a real and useful tool for marketing and business growth.

Forget paper and pencil trivia quizzes. Do you need a better, faster and more fun solution for your trivia quiz? Try QuickTapSurvey's great survey creation app to create your fun trivia quiz and find out why we're the #1 survey tool.

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This beautiful quiz example takes minutes to get running and can be used to collect quiz survey responses either in-person or in a tablet kiosk.

Five Easy Steps for Creating and Using the Fun Trivia Quiz Template With the QuickTapSurvey App:

  1. Do your research to come up with challenging (not too challenging) and interesting quiz questions. You can start by researching facts about a subject and then creating questions based on those facts, for instance
  2. Sign up for QuickTapSurvey online
  3. Create a new survey and select this trivia quiz survey template. Use this example to customize your trivia quiz, or build your own quiz from scratch using our easy survey builder tool
  4. Let the quizzing begin! Quiz your survey respondents with your fun trivia quiz
  5. View your quiz results and download them in several useful formats. You can even generate analytics reports on the data

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