Email Capture Survey

Email Capture Survey Template Example

Email lists are an important asset for any business and organization, and finding sustainable ways to grow your contact lists is an ongoing challenge that a smart email capture solution can support. Are you still using pencil and paper to capture email addresses from your leads ? Find out why QuickTapSurvey is #1 on the app store and how we can help you with all of your email capture needs.

Collecting contact information from potential leads just got easier, with QuickTapSurvey's easy to use digital email capture surveys. With only our app and a tablet or mobile device you can build your own customized email capture surveys like this example, and use it to capture email addresses at events and trade shows. You can even use customized incentives and offers to motivate participation. Choose from over 35 question types and collect much more than an email, depending on your data capture needs. It's incredibly simple to build a survey with our app, and fun to use. With QuickTapSurvey you can also easily capture emails offline, which is a valuable tool for offsite data capture.

The ways we choose to capture emails from our leads and customers often affects their experience. Our goal is to create a positive experience for your customers. Our app will provide a fast, fun and easy tool for you to capture contact details so your leads aren't inconvenienced and you get the information that you need. You can either use this example to collect email information in person in a face-to-face format or you can set this template up on a tablet in a kiosk to capture email contact information remotely without your direct supervision. The choice is completely yours! This email capture template is a great way to capture email leads without disturbing your customers. Try our app today!

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