New Product Research Survey Template

Overview of the New Product Research Survey Template

Are you looking to launch a new product? Use this new product research template to investigate the market viability, pricing options and target market for a new product to create a stronger launch strategy.

This new product survey template will give you the insights that you need to successfully launch your new product to market by helping you identify:

  • The market for your new product
  • Who you are selling your new product against - i.e. your competitors
  • Who you are selling your new product to - i.e. your new product’s target market
  • What your pricing strategy for the launch of your new product should be

How to launch a new product research survey

Making sure that you have the right product elements, positioning, market fit, and pricing before you launch a product can help save you a lot of money and headache.

Here’s what you should make sure that your new product research uncovers.

What Is the Market for Your New Product?

What market is your new product competing in? Who are the competitors that you will be selling your new product against?

Who Are You Selling This New Product To?

Who is the target market for the new product that you are launching?

What Is Your New Product's Value Proposition?

What value does your new product provide within its market and to its target market?

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