Mystery Shopper Form Template

Overview of the Mystery Shopper Form Template

Collecting feedback by using mystery shoppers provides you with a view of your customer experience from the eyes of your customers. Mystery shopping can provide you with valuable feedback so that you can:

  • Create a better customer experience through uncovering actionable things you can improve
  • Highlight training opportunities within your staff
  • Provides you with a view of the customer experience your employees are providing when no one is looking

How to launch a mystery shopping program

Step One: Figure out what you want to measure.

Defining the overall objective of your mystery shopping program might sound obvious but this will provide you with the blueprint you’ll need to put together a successful program.

Start with questions that you want answered, for example:

  • How can I improve my customer experience?
  • How can I increase my customer loyalty?
  • What parts of my customer experience are causing pain points?

Step Two: Build your mystery shopping survey or mobile form

Put together a clear list of questions that provide you with the insights you’re looking to capture. Use this mystery shopping form template as a starting point!

Make sure that your questions are very clear with definitive ‘yes/no’ answers. There should be no ambiguity in terms of the feedback your mystery shoppers provide.

Step Three: Collect data from your mystery shoppers

Launch your mystery shopper survey or mobile form to capture data. Our platform works with or without an internet connection so you can capture data from your mystery shoppers anywhere.

Step Four: Get your mystery shoppers to visit the competition

Use your same survey but visit the competition instead. How did your mystery shoppers insights differ between you and the competition?

Step Five: Analyze your results to uncover actionable insights

Go through the data you’ve collected to see how the mystery shoppers experience provided insights.

Want to start capturing data from your mystery shoppers, or launch your own mystery shopper program? Start your free trial today, and gain access to our templates through the QuickTapSurvey app.

Start your free trial today, and gain access to our templates through the QuickTapSurvey app.