Market Research Survey Template

Overview of the Market Research Survey Template

Are you looking to uncover actionable insights in terms of your product, how it’s positioned, who you are targeting, and the channels you are using to promote it? Conducting market research surveys can provide you with the deep insights you need to drive strategic action for your business.

Collecting market research can include a collection of phone interviews, focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and more. Here’s a great customizable market research survey template that you can adopt to collect research using any channel.

Why collecting market research is important

Market research will provide you with the strategic blueprint for your business needs and includes the four P’s:

  • Product - How is your product currently perceived? What other needs can your product fill? What other markets can your product serve?
  • Price - What should your product be priced at compared to the market, your competitors, etc?
  • Placement - How should you distribute your product to ensure that your consumers can find it?
  • Promotion - What promotional channels should you use, and what promotional tactics should you adopt to drive product adoption?

By conducting market research surveys, you’ll gain insights on:

  • Issues that are blocking growth within your company
  • Understanding of what drives your customers - and what makes them choose you over your competitors
  • Determining unmet needs of potential new customers or segments that you can pivot towards to unlock growth

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