Brand Awareness Survey

Overview of the Brand Awareness Survey Template

Do you know if consumers know about your brand? Brand awareness measures if consumers are able to recognize and or recall your brand and its core message. This template provides you with a great example on how to measure brand awareness for your brand..or your competitors brand.

This Brand Awareness Survey Template is perfect for:

  • Marketing Managers - use this template for your brand awareness within your target market
  • Agencies - provide your clients with insights in terms of their brand awareness
  • Competitor Research - scope out the competition and determine how much brand awareness your competitors have with this survey

Why measuring brand awareness matters?

Measuring brand awareness provides you with the insight of what percentage of your target audience knows that you exist. Measuring brand awareness over time, can be used as a way to measure the impact of your marketing strategy and advertising to see how much more audience you capture over time.

Brand awareness provides you with the insights to:

  • Improve your brand by providing an experience that resonates with your target market
  • Increase engagement with new customers by giving you insights on what parts of your core message resonates with your demographic
  • Convert customers into fans through driving more awareness and converting that into brand loyalty
  • Find out what makes your target market tick by gaining insights in terms of what they find to be impactful
  • You can also use the insights you gain to increase the footprint of your brand by launching a loyalty or referral program.
  • Further segment your respondents to see if there are differences within your target market in terms of what parts of your brand message resonates with them and ultimately drives awareness.

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