School Inspection Survey Template

Inspection Survey for Schools

Go paperless with our school inspection form! QuickTapSurvey can make your next school inspection survey easier and faster using our offline survey app.

Collect Inspection Data from Multiple Schools

Use a school inspection template to help you gather consistent, scalable data that can be stored in the cloud for easy analysis.

Multiple schools can upload their inspection survey data simultaneously. There is no need to send people out with a clipboard to inspect schools, then type that information into a seperate form online. With QuickTapSurvey’s offline app, you can sync all inspection data from all schools.

Collect Data Offline

If do not have access to the school’s Wi-Fi, that is not a problem. QuickTapSurvey will allow you to collect school inspection data without internet access. The school inspection information collected can be synced to your account once you have an internet signal.

Compare Inspections from Multiple Schools

With all the data collected from your schools syncing to the same account location, you can break down school performance by year, location, semesters, and more.

Collect Consistent School Inspection Interviews

When interviewing multiple people, it is important to have consistent survey questions. Teachers, students, administrators, custodians, and others need to answer a standardized form in order for your school inspection data to be accurate and actionable.

School Inspection Meetings

With scalable, predictable data, you can present to others in a more efficient manner. QuickTapSurvey can easily export inspection data from your school to other formats, and you can even work with our many integrations to display the inspection data you gathered.

Presenting Your School Survey Results

Make school inspection presentations a breeze by importing your completed questionnaires directly to PowerPoint, Google Slides, or the display program of your choice.

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