Easy for anyone to use

See how simple it is to collect data using QuickTapSurvey.


Create & Design Your Perfect Survey

Select Survey Type

Determine whether your survey will be completed by a consumer or be self-administered, and pick a screen layout.

Add Questions

Select from over 35 different question types to help you get exactly the data you need.

Make It Your Own

Personalize with your own colors, logo, and background image.


Use Tablets to Collect Data

Use iPads or Android Tablets

Collect survey responses using iPads or Android tablets.

Collect Data Absolutely Anywhere

Whether you have an internet connection or not, you can always count on QuickTapSurvey.

Go Handheld or Kiosk

Security features enable you to safely turn your tablet into a kiosk.


Take Action With Your Data

Download Your Data

Extract your data in a number of popular file formats.

Generate Reports

Quickly and easily generate professional reports.

Export Your Data

Use our partner integrations or API to send your data to the software platforms you use everyday.

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