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Trusted data capture solution for over 180,000 users worldwide

How QuickTapSurvey’s Survey Tool Works

Create your survey or mobile form in minutes and capture data anywhere with our offline survey app (no internet required).

In person or kiosk data capture solution
Create and design your perfect survey
In person or kiosk data capture solution
Collect your data in-person or with a kiosk
In person or kiosk data capture solution
Take action with your insights

35+ Survey Question Types

Choose from dozens of quantitative and qualitative question types.

Unlimited Survey Responses

Whether it's a simple poll or in-depth market research, never worry about form response limits again.

Mobile Friendly Surveys

Create surveys that look awesome and are designed for mobile data capture.

Automated Alerts & Notifications

Created automated alerts and notifications based on the data you collect.

Powerful Integrations

Your survey responses integrate with partners like Zapier, MailChimp, Salesforce and more.

iOS & Android App

Use iPads, iPhones Android tablets or smartphones to collect data offline, online and anywhere.

Our Survey App Works Offline

No internet or WiFi connection needed! Our survey tool and mobile forms work offline.

Android Survey & Mobile Form App

Use our Android App to capture data offline via face to face survey, kiosk or mobile form.

iPhone Mobile Form App

Capture data anywhere by using our iPhone App to collect data using mobile forms.

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