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Easy to Use and Execute

by karper64

QuickTapSurvey is a great solution if you are looking for something easy to use and execute in-field without WIFI/3G or technical knowledge. The interface between the website and app is seamless and straightforward. Results ready instantly as you upload your surveys. The support team was very responsive when I had questions.

Best mix of functionality and price

by dj-rowan

The platform is the best I’ve seen after some shopping around. The flexibility and price really makes sense and doesn’t break the bank. Its a modern and user driven approach to data collection. The survey publishing is pretty intuitive and works well. The data exporting is excellent! Solid app (and platform)

Excellent Survey or Signup Tool

by cwscws

This is the best product you will find for capturing survey or signup data on and iPhone or iPad at trade shows or in the field with or without an internet connection. Come with very helpful, reliable, support staff! Does a great job at a great price.


by HLSSCanada

Effective data gathering. QuickTapSurvey delivers as promised. Easy survey creation and user friendly for respondents. Support staff makes things work if and when required. I rarely provided references, however happy to do so with this product.

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by Cadis Loan

Very simple interface, you can build your own survey in minutes, very easy to use and event if I didn’t need help, the customer service is outstanding, they call me in minutes after I set up my account to make sure that I have everything on the right track. Thank you very much. I definitely recommend it!

by Pat Byrne

Amazing software. Functionality and flexibility is great, it’s working as intended within the office and the support received from the team is amazing!

Everything we wanted

We needed a way to collect information from guests at our visitor center, a digital guest register. QuickTapSurvey proved easy to set up and simple enough to use for all types of visitors and our volunteer staff. I really appreciated the personal support from Stephen Amoah who offered assistance and advice through every step. This app works well and has real people to support it.

Great App For Medical Practice

We recently transitioned to QuickTap Survey from paper surveys based on my experience of using this app at another place I worked. It has been more than a year since I used this at my prior employer, and QuickTap Survey has upped their game quite a bit since then. The customer service is outstanding! Sabina has been great about answering any questions I have. Best of all, our patients are actually completing our quick and easy survey and we are now getting great feedback! Thank you!

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  • Disney
  • McDonalds
  • Nike
  • BMW
  • H&M

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