Winning Entries From Our Summer Hackathon ?

Hackathon days are the best days at QuickTapSurvey! ???

On this day everyone is encouraged to STOP our normal workflow, join a team and create just about anything we want.

QuickTapSurvey hackathon

Although the pressure is on to complete projects in just 24 hours, everyone’s spirits are at an all-time high and the energy is quite frankly infectious. At QuickTapSurvey, hackathons are not just reserved for the engineering teams. They are a truly cross-functional team event bringing together the most unlikely teams to accomplish something that could not be done without the combined efforts from all parties involved. Not only is the day good for team-building and culture, but the long-term benefits include a more cooperative, integrative, and friendly workplace environment for all.

Here are a few of the winning projects:

Dmitri and Matt

Dmitri and Matt wanted to bridge the gap between the cutting edge technology of QuickTapSurvey and what millennials would call the “old people’s Snapchat” or as we know it – SMS messaging. Their hackathon project expanded the QuickTapSurvey functionality to utilize the programmatically sent and received SMS questions leveraging the power of Twilio’s API, real-time display of responses using React and a cleverly seamless integration with the QuickTapSurvey’s platform using Java Spring. Despite a few last-minute bugs they managed to overcome the pressure and deliver an impressive demo which scored them the Code Guru Award.

QuickTapSurvey hackathon

Devendra, Michael, and Sabina

This powerhouse team utilized the QuickTapSurvey API to build a custom mobile dashboard to view survey analytics on mobile devices. The reports included increased customization for chart type (being able to choose between bar graphs and pie charts) and also filtering for the reports. From here, you could easily download the report into a PDF document or, using the new Drag and Drop feature that Apple introduced in iOS 11 to seamlessly add the charts directly into presentations, reports, and email messages. They had a beautiful working demo that impressed the judges enough to land them not one but two awards – Most Useful AND Sexiest Hack.

QuickTapSurvey Hackathon

Los Tres Amigos (Stephen, Jolan and Rodrigo)
Tone Tells the Truth

Los Tres Amigos did not disappoint! Not only did they wow the judges with a team role-play presentation (inside joke: hi carol!), they also walked away with two coveted awards, People’s Choice AND Most Innovative. Their idea was to go beyond numerical reporting by using IBM Watson’s Tone Analyzer to explore the emotional weight behind a survey response. With this thinking, an organization can group survey responses into primary drivers such as anger, disgust, fear, joy, and sadness. With the weight provided on each emotion, the company is able to perform data correlations in order to make actual statistic data-driven decisions from open-ended survey responses that would otherwise require significant time, analysis and psychological expertise. Could this be the next big thing in survey research? You heard it here first.

QuickTapSurvey hackathon




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