Why You Need a Customer Feedback Survey Kiosk in Your Spa or Salon

The real beauty about spa and salon businesses is the bond that is established between stylists and clients within the short appointment times – something that creates for repeat customers and allows for a successful business. However, when customers aren’t completely satisfied with the service, it has been recognized that they don’t complain. Rather, they never return and usually share their negative experiences with family and friends. So the questions remains- what can you do to gather authentic insight about what your clients feel about the services they’ve received? One of the most effective tools for gathering true customer experience is a survey. Through a customer feedback survey kiosk you can acquire immediate information about how satisfied the customer is with your services long before he/she steps out the door.

Most people are willing to take a few minutes out of their time to complete a survey if they are unhappy or very impressed. Also, this spa and salon customer feedback is incredibly valuable to you. It lets you know how you are doing and tells you how to specifically improve. Below are reasons why you should place customer feedback survey kiosks in your spa or salon right now.

customer feedback survey kiosk

 Learn What’s Most Important to Your Customer Base

You provide a good service, and your customers come back. But, what could you do better? And what exactly did you do right? What is most important to your customer? It may not be what you think. Through a customer feedback survey kiosk, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses – using this data to capitalize on strengths, and gain insight on where you can improve to deliver an even better product.

Every business has areas where they can improve. In effect, survey kiosks provides a non-confrontational approach by which your customers can openly speak up and share valuable information. You can use this to tweak your business model and drive more sales. The survey data can also measure staff performance, as those employees who received good reviews can then be recognized and rewarded for their contributions to the success of the business. In turn, those employees who haven’t provided the best services to their customers can use the feedback to practice and improve.

Learn Just How Loyal Your Customers Are

Use customer feedback survey kiosks to determine who is most loyal to your business. You can then establish a reward system that includes sending promotions to these loyal customers. Generally, the goal is to build on this loyalty to maintain it, and a number of options exist. For example, to quantify loyalty, you can include specific question types in your survey such as the Net Promoter Score. The NPS interprets how likely a customer is to recommend your business to others, and also provides you with the bigger picture of how you are doing in comparison to other businesses in the same industry. 

It’s important to recognize your loyal customers. These are individuals who are the most lucrative to your salon or spa as they come back to use your products and services time and time again. Also, they are your company’s personal branders. Since they are most satisfied with your services, they’ll spread word about your business to their friends or network on social media.This is what helps to build your customer base, and doubles as a benefit as it allows you to market on a budget.

Compare the Success of Each Location

Another key tool provided by customer feedback survey kiosks is the ability to compare results efficiently if you’re running a multi-location business. Spa and salon owners can compare feedback from each location to find strengths and weaknesses across the brand, allowing them to discover any underlying issues that have been halting growth, so that they can quickly reach their business goals. Further, analytical tools can be used to observe and interpret feedback from each location.

Key Benefits of Customer Feedback Survey Kiosks

Set up a survey kiosk at your salon or spa for customers to quickly complete before they leave. When you do, you benefit from:

  • Improving engagement with your customers every time they visit.
  • Capturing real experience. You don’t want just a smile, you need information.
  • Customizing the survey to apply to specific areas important to you right now.
  • Working to build promotional campaigns to reward and strengthen bonds with your most loyal customers.
  • Gaining insight immediately to incorporate right away. Real-time results mean situations are in hand to improve without delay.
  • Using the data it provides to make decisions about where to invest, services to offer, or items customers do not want.
  • Boosting your customer’s likelihood of coming back. They know you care.
  • Building an email list to collect contact information and consent to send out promotions

Good customer service drives the growth in salons and spas. Yet, many organizations simply do not have the key information they need about how well they are doing to utilize it. With salon and spa customer feedback available in real time and after the experience, it is possible to make better decisions to grow your business.









Kiran Saini

Kiran Saini

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