What To Do With Your Leads After Returning From a Trade Show

A trade show is a great place to gather qualified leads—leads that are likely to turn into customers for your business. However, leads do not turn into customers without attention and care. What do you do with your leads after you gather them at a trade show? Here are eight ideas to help you move forward and get ahead. After all, you need to take advantage of the momentum you’ve built at this event!

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Follow Up Quickly – Don’t wait! Connect with an email or telephone call within a day or two of the end of the trade show. You want to connect while you are still fresh in the mind of your lead and before the person in charge has had a chance to make any important decisions.

Have a Plan – It is vital that you do not dump these new leads in with your old, tired leads. Create a new method and make sure you are nurturing these leads with the best skill possible. You do not want to lose anything in the shuffle.

Connect on Social Media – In addition to reaching out by phone or email, see if you can connect on Twitter, Facebook or best of all LinkedIn. These additional connections keep you fresh in the minds of your lead, and you will have the added chance to share your organization with others.

Show, Don’t Tell – With everything you do, make sure you are showing your leads what you can do—not just telling them about the benefits. This may mean including video, links, and photographs. However, it can also include adding examples as well as simple statements. You’ll find your results are much better when your leads can visualize exactly what you can do for them.

Personalize All Correspondence – Address your leads by name. This simple touch makes a big difference in how people feel about the correspondence they are about to read. Immediately, it feels like a personal message, instead of a piece of junk email.

Reference the Trade Show – When you send that email or make the phone call, make sure you reference the trade show. After all, you want the recipient to remember where they met you. Chances are good they met many people that day, so if you can include photographs of your booth or YOU, even better. Giving a point of reference can make a huge difference.

Try to Meet Again – The trade show was likely a busy event. Even if you had a chance to chat a bit, you might not have been able to talk as much as you wanted to or you didn’t have an opportunity to discuss things on a personal level. Now is the time to arrange a one-on-one meeting or a teleconference if that isn’t possible. A “real” meeting will bring home the message that you mean business.

Remember the Call to Action – Don’t let your correspondence end with a whimper. End it with a bang. Make your call to action pop. Spend time honing this part of your message so that your recipient knows exactly what action you are hoping they will take at the conclusion of the message.




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