The Scientific Reason Your Business Should Use Emojis

emojis for business work according to surveyEmojis sometimes get a bad rap in the business world because some firms assume their use is too frivolous. These companies fear that using emojis in marketing collateral looks unprofessional and reduces their credibility.

Wrong. Oh so wrong.

There is strong scientific evidence which shows emojis can significantly increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

A survey by IPA marketing trade association, which looked at 1,400 company marketing campaigns, found that those with strictly emotional content performed nearly twice as well as those with exclusively rational content. Emotional campaigns also performed marginally better than campaigns with mixed emotional and rational content.

Now, you might be thinking, how do we know for certain that emojis elicit emotions? Sure, that’s their intended purpose, but can we know for sure?

Actually, yes we can. The field of neuroscience can confirm that emojis activate a region of the brain associated with emotional processing — the inferior frontal gyrus. Two key research studies, one from Japan in 2006 and another from Australia in 2014, shows that people respond to emojis the same way they do facial expressions. Specifically, when we send an emoji to someone it also activates the region of their brain associated with visual processing — the occipital-temporal cortex.

It’s clear that emojis have a powerful ability to humanize otherwise boring, impersonal marketing copy. Don’t be afraid to use them. After all, approximately six billion emojis are used worldwide every day on mobile messaging apps, so your customers should enjoy seeing them in marketing messages.

In case you are wondering how and when to insert them, below are few suggestions.


Social Media Marketing

The most important thing you should remember when crafting social media messages with emojis is that they should overwhelmingly be positive ones, not negative ones. Research from the University of Cambridge shows that powerful social media users tend to use positive emojis more often than users with less social media clout. Start using them and watch your brand’s social media engagement grow.

App Push Notifications

Digital marketing guru Neil Patel outlines several examples of how to use emojis in push app notifications. For example, if you are a travel website why not include emojis of travel destinations or luggage when announcing flight deals? Or fashion retailers can use high heel emojis to promote a flash shoe sale.

Email Marketing

Several independent tests confirm that using an emoji in an email subject line leads to a higher open rate than the same subject line without one. Not only that, but your click through rate will likely increase. Here are the top 15 emojis used in subject lines, according to MailChimp.

Emojis for business

Content Marketing

It should go without saying that using emojis in your blog posts is a good way to keep readers engaged. But did you also know that it can increase the number of people who leave comments?

One word of caution though, do your research before using emojis in a post that will be seen across the world. Not all emojis universally convey the same meaning. Depending on the cultural context, what may look like a disappointed face to Americans could convey anger to the Japanese.


We hope you find these tips helpful in building your brand strategy around the use of emojis. If you are looking to see examples of how big companies have successfully used emojis in their campaigns, check out this article.

Shereen Dindar
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