Tennessee Titans: A True Paper to Digital Data Collection Success Story

The Tennessee Titans are a professional American football team based in Nashville, Tennessee. The Titans compete in the NFL as a member club of the American Football Conference South division.

The Titans rely on QuickTapSurvey for lead capture at home games. The data collection app helps them attract fans with contests and giveaways on iPads. During the interaction, fans also opt into a sales nurture campaign that automatically triggers when QuickTapSurvey leads sync to their CRM. QuickTapSurvey helps the Titans drive fan engagement, grow the brand and put more season ticket holders in the seats. It’s a dependable, rock-solid, well-oiled machine. However, things weren’t always this easy.



Background and Challenges

In the past the Titans did what they (and their peers) had always done; they printed out enough paper surveys to cover the expected number of respondents. Staff lugged the paper forms to the field and had fans fill them out by hand, in pencil, one by one. Once back at the office, another group of people would do their best to decipher the handwriting on the forms and then proceed to re-enter the same information onto an Excel sheet. This sheet would then need to sync with the CRM system. Once ready, 3 weeks later, the sales and marketing teams would finally have a chance to begin their lead nurturing campaigns.

A Mobile Data Capture Solution

Josh Ward is in his ninth season with the Titans and sixth as Ticket Sales Manager. Josh oversees the club’s sales staff and assists with the overall ticketing strategy. Early last year, he became interested in finding a more modern, expedient and cost-effective way to collect leads and build a sales and marketing email database. He began to research and consider the use of iPads for data collection. As luck would have it, he witnessed another QuickTapSurvey customer, Bristol Motor Speedway, using the platform, and after hearing their recommendations was quickly sold on the tool. He could instinctively see how much the Titans would benefit from this solution.

QuickTapSurvey Usage and Results

The 5 major problems the Titans were hoping to solve with QuickTapSurvey were:

  1. Poor quality leads due to incomplete handwritten data
  2. Lengthy paper to spreadsheet data entry times
  3. Slow post-event follow up with highest priority leads
  4. Antiquated booth experience for fans
  5. Paper-based contest entry and delayed autographed item giveaway

By making the switch from paper-based surveys to QuickTapSurvey, the Titans were able to provide a fun, branded experience for fans already used to mobile activations at events. Game day leads captured have increased by 10% compared to the old paper based system.

Additionally, they were now able to tie in their lead capture with a contest entry which further increased their survey participation rates by 15%.

Lastly, the Titans were able to decrease their follow-up campaigns from 3 weeks to 24 hours, increasing their lead follow-up rates by a whopping 50%.

“We’ve been really pleased, really pumped to use QuickTapSurvey during our game day events and also a lot of our prospecting events throughout the year. I’m just elated as a Sales Manager to not have somebody wasting their time typing in data to then get onto an Excel sheet and then upload to our CRM system (1970’s type stuff) when it can happen in a 20-minute window now as opposed to several weeks.

We want people in 30 secs or less to give us their name, email, answer a few questions and then give us permission to market to them in future. The email shortcuts in QuickTapSurvey are my favorite part, it’s extremely useful and replaces handwritten email addresses that were often illegible. In the past, we would blast a post-event campaign only to have half of them return as invalid. Now that number has shrunk by 40%.“

Josh Ward
Ticket Sales Manager, Tennessee Titans







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