Human Data Capture Kiosks Apps Hit the Streets at SXSW

Our street team of the world’s first (and finest) human data capture kiosk apps took Austin by surprise during SXSW as we walked around and entered festival goers into a contest to win one of three Apple Watches!

Human Data Capture Kiosk SXSW QuickTapSurvey

In return, we asked participants to answer a few survey questions and provide their email address, with the entire interaction taking less than 30 seconds!

The crowd at SXSW absolutely loved the concept and their short but sweet interactions with our human kiosks. In a place where you couldn’t walk two steps without someone trying to get your attention, our activation had people looking, stopping and wanting to learn more! In just 6 hours, we acquired over 1000 new email addresses!

In addition to acquiring new leads, our survey also told us a lot about the people attending SXSW. For example, about 12% of the people we spoke to were from outside North America and there was more or less an even split of males and females, and people attending for business or pleasure. See the full report.

QuickTapSurvey SXSW Activation Results

We created our human data capture kiosks in 3 easy steps and you can too!

Step 1) Sign up for QuickTapSurvey and create your data capture screens. Use a welcome or splash screen that grabs attention. We used an edgy caption “Touch Me to Win an Apple Watch” that itself was a conversation starter!

Step 2) Get yourself some iPads or Android tablets and buy the READYACTION Office – Chest Harness. Originally designed for use by the person wearing the harness, some super quick mods turned the utility device into an amazing tool for marketing and lead generation!

Step 3) Hire a team of energetic and enthusiastic brand ambassadors that aren’t afraid of getting up close and personal with the people they are interacting with. There’s no secret formula in hiring the right people so get the help of an agency if recruiting is not your forte!

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Ravin Shah

Ravin Shah

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