Tablet Accessories Review – Lilitab Floor Pro Kiosk

Product Overview

More and more mobile tablets are being used inside booths at trade shows, industry conferences, and recruitment events. Tablets offer an efficient, organized, and much more engaging alternative for collecting and distributing information. While its great to walk around with a tablet, the need for constant supervision leaves many wanting to turn their tablets into unattended kiosks!

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Lilitab is a San Francisco based company that designs a variety of mobile tablet kiosks. This review takes a look at the iPad 2 & iPad 3 Lilitab Floor Pro kiosk also known as Gen2. The Lilitab Floor Pro will mount your iPad on a four-foot stand which is anchored directly to the floor or a baseplate. The Gen2 is also iPad 4 compatible and can be easily upgraded from the iPad 2/3 with a cable change.

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The Lilitab Floor Pro fully encases the iPad but leaves the screen open for user interaction. The faceplate has a circular orifice that exposes the iPad home button but you can order a faceplate that covers the home button. This is a very important feature because it can prevent customers from exiting the app. There are also holes that reveal the front and back cameras respectively, and small air vents on the back of the head unit. There are 4 standard faceplates for the Gen2 product line – Camera + Home, Camera + pinhole home, Pinhole and Blank with no holes.

The kiosks’ head unit possesses several features that we thoroughly appreciate: The opening and closing of the head unit is achieved through a clever spring mechanism that eliminates the use of screws or bolts. As a result, the time required to set up the kiosk is minimal.

In addition to supporting landscape and portrait iPad mount orientations, the head unit can be tilted vertically as well. The vertical tilting can greatly contribute to user ergonomics, as the iPad can face a range of heights.

The head unit can be easily detached from the iPad and re-attached to the stand; again, there is no need to battle with tiny screws. If the kiosk stand is bolted to the floor but the head unit is damaged or the tablet needs to be temporarily used elsewhere, you can quickly disengage the head unit without disassembling the whole kiosk. The charging magnets between the head unit and stand are another awesome bonus!

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The MagKey offers an easy approach to sleep and wake up your iPad without opening up the head unit. This operates just like the magnetic tablet covers do; it sleeps when the magnetic key is inserted, and restores programs exactly as before when the key is removed. This is a great solution that avoids having to disassemble the kiosk in preparation for sleeping tablets when not in use.

What We Like

This kiosk has all the features you would ever want and even some you would never have thought you needed. The team at Lilitab has honestly thought of everything! The best part of it all was the assembly which was extremely simple and quick. Like the previous generation, you can still add branding, card readers and other modular accessories.

What Could Be Better

The faceplate is made from plastic and although we are sure it is secure, the faceplate has 8 locking points. In our opinion, a more sturdy faceplate might feel and look better. Also, the baseplate screws’ initial twist entry was a bit tight, but should ease up with repeated usage.

Is It Recommended?

Absolutely. Compared to the Lilitab Gen1 kiosk, the Lilitab Floor Pro offers much less fiddling with screws and USB connectors. We would definitely recommend this product, as the setup and take down times are substantially reduced, and there are some brilliant features that can significantly improve user experience and productivity.



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