Skip Logic Questions in Surveys

Imagine sitting at home and watching Dancing With The Stars with your wife. If she turns to you and asks you which couple is your favorite and you respond by saying that you do not watch the show, you would expect her to either change the channel or change the subject. Now imagine how irritating it would be if she continued to ask you questions about the show. Who do you think will win this round? Who do you think will be voted out? Did you see that dress last week? More often than not, people know when its time to stop asking questions. Surveys on the other hand don’t generally have this logic and as a result waste a respondents time by asking irrelevant questions.

Surveys should not feel unnatural and robotic; they should feel organic and adaptive. QuickTapSurvey has a feature called Skip Logic that skips questions that are irrelevant to the respondent. Pretty neat, eh? This helps the survey play out like a good conversation.

Skip logic data collection

By mimicking the rules of conversation those responding to your survey are more likely to complete it. Skip Logic is an excellent feature to implement in your survey because it flushes out all of the bad data. If one of the questions in the survey asks the respondent what their favorite fruit is, there should be an option that allows the respondent to enter in their favorite fruit if it is not on the list. If this option is not available, the respondent may randomly choose one of the options rendering the data gathered useless. A well designed survey should flow like a pleasant conversation.

Using skip logic will help you create engaging surveys and help you gather relevant information you can use. We have all the resources you need to get started!



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