Return of the QuickTapSurvey Hackathon ☕️

Last Friday saw the return of the QuickTapSurvey Hackathon, a day teeming with creativity, code and camaraderie.

Hackathons are critical to our culture at QuickTapSurvey. It’s an occasion where everyone is encouraged to get away from the regular day, team up, experiment, follow passion projects, and have fun. The entire event is very employee-driven and puts our culture of innovation and collaboration into practice.

Last week’s hackathon had over half of our company participating. We had five award categories, with prizes for each. Participants were encouraged to work with people from different departments, play different roles and work on things outside of their main focus.

As usual, the results did not disappoint.

QuickTapSurvey Hackathon

Team Name: Rodrigo & Beau
Hack Name: QuickTapSpynet 

Using Peekin technology, Rodrigo & Beau were able to set up a co-browsing feature to help guide our users along with our platform. The tool included the pointer tool to direct users to particular assets on the screen and a remote control option to take over the app from the backend. Practical applications of this tool would be for troubleshooting customer support issues and helping new customers onboard to the platform.


Team Name: Jonathan & Ian
Hack Name: Slackbotenator 

Bots, bots, bots! Slack has been built to be easy and fun to use with a lot of built-in features. One of the most popular features from Slack is the Slackbot, a friendly bot to guide users to create profiles and guide users to different features of Slack. Through clever automation, however, one can become (or pretend to be) the bot without complicated code to create a separate artificial bot within Slack. Jonathan & Ian’s bot has the capability to tell time, date, math, currency conversion and even tells stock prices!


Name: Rodrigo
Hack Name: Guess-O-Matic

Think of Guess-o-matic as your Help Centre, on steroids. It’s an intelligent assistant that lets the user type in a query in natural language when building a survey. Guess-o-matic then uses the service to translate the user’s intent and return a suggested action from the QuickTapSurvey help center. Actions include either buttons to go ahead and create the intended action or a link that takes them to the support site for more information. Bonus: responses in Yoda and Pirate speak!


Name: Jonathan
Hack Name: InYourFace

Jonathan was recently introduced to a game on Officevibe called ‘Facegame’. He wasn’t winning at it because he didn’t have a very fast reaction time. He decided to fix that by creating a program that automates the game. His Officevibe hack goes to the ‘Facegame’ web page, logs in, and plays the game by repeatedly finding the ID of the photo, retrieving the name, determining the correct button to click, and clicking it. He was able to beat the previous high score of 1800 and achieve a new record of 2900 in half a day!


Name: Josh, Dilip, Yuan, Chrissy
Hack Name: QuickTapMelee 

This superhero squad created QuickTapMelee, a fast-paced local multiplayer game, where each player controls their character on a browser by tilting and turning their iPhone, shooting other players until only the victor remains. The phone app was built with Swift, the backend was built with Firebase, and the web front end was built with ReactJS.

Name: Mark & Devendra
Hack Name: QuickTap


This designer developer duo created transitions and animations as a way to deliver beautiful and meaningful design. Their demo proved that animations, when used in the right context, seriously improves the user experience and increases the perceived value of your product. This magic was brought to life via Xcode, iOS SDK, and Facebook Origami Studio.

Name: Charlotte & Tiffany
Hack Name: QuickCatSatisfaction ?

Charlotte & Tiffany created a cat-themed survey satisfaction meter called QuickCatSatisfaction. It’s a website that visualizes the average feedback given in the form of a cat gif that conveys a certain mood. As ratings get higher, the cats get happier. Their goal was to eventually make a Tamagotchi-style virtual pet that was taken care of via automatically-sent survey responses. Purr-fect!

Name: Victoria & Jolan
Hack Name: Survey Buffet 

Victoria & Jolan’s hackathon idea involved creating a Custom QuickTapSurvey Plan where the user can select one feature each from each category in the Advanced Plan and one feature each from each category in the Expert Plan. The price of the Custom Plan would be $39/month and $14/month for additional devices. This would benefit users that don’t need all of the features that the Advanced and Expert Plans have to offer. Do you guys think we need to implement this one?!





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