Real Estate Leads: 4 Tips for Open House Lead Capture

When it comes to an open house lead capture, every agent needs a carry the biggest bag of tricks possible. Of course, the traditional open house stands as one of the oldest and most tried-and-true methods of generating interest in a specific property. But what should an open house look like in the 21st Century?

By blending state-of-the-art marketing techniques with old-fashioned face-to-face interaction, real estate agents can leverage the true power of the open house in the modern marketplace. So if you’re looking for open house sign-in tools that can drive quality lead generation, you’ll want to start with the four essential tips below.

1. Collect Names and Email Addresses with a Tablet

Compact and powerful, the tablet is the real estate agent’s best friend. Industry experts recommend taking it along to take notes, send/read messages, access documents, and conduct research wherever you happen to be.

At an open house, your tablet enables you to ditch the ordinary clipboard sign-in sheet for a far more efficient and useful system. Using a mobile sign-in form with customized data fields, you can instantly record vital l information (name, email, phone number, etc.) without working about messy handwriting or lost paperwork.

In short, you can’t produce leads from an open house if you can’t subsequently contact the people who attended that open house. So if you want to securely store and immediately access the personal information of each person who walks through the open house door, a tablet is simply indispensable.

2. Offer Incentives

Let’s face it: everybody likes free stuff. You can generate a local buzz around your open house by providing an incentive to attend like offering light refreshments such as snacks, desserts, and/or beverages. And what lightens the mood and promotes good will better than a glass of wine? You can also offer small tangible gifts, such as calendars or writing utensils, that anyone can appreciate.

However, having attendees is not enough to capture leads, you can also think of giveaways for people who complete your sign in form. Certain giveaways, such as neighborhood real estate reports or free buying/selling seminars, can actually double as exceptional lead generation tools in and of themselves. In any event, incentivizing open house visitors to leave their real name and email addresses can significantly boost your pool of professional contacts.

3. Follow Up and Market Your Other Listings

The open house is over, and you’ve managed to attract a substantial crowd. You’re out the door with a long list of contacts. Now, the real work begins.

While it’s easy enough to send out a single, standardized mass email to all open house attendees, this approach will inevitably produce limited results. A more thorough follow-up is necessary if you really want to make the most of your open house efforts.

As you are able, take notes on your open house visitors shortly after they leave. (Your tablet offers a convenient, secure, and discreet way to do this!) By jotting down what each visitor is looking for and noting the questions that they posed, you can customize your follow-up efforts to maximize the lead potential.

Even if your open house property sells, you can use your contacts to market your other listings. By personalizing your follow-up efforts and going beyond a single, generic email, you can build a lead network that will rocket you to success.

4. Capture leads in-person as well as online

Although the humble open house sign can be quite effective when it comes to attracting buyers in the near vicinity, if you want to pack your open house, you’ll need to employ more advanced and modern tactics.

Consider mounting a targeted email and/or social media campaign for each of your upcoming open houses. You can even incorporate video into these digital marketing efforts and/or broadcast live video from the open house itself in order to attract last-minute attendees.

Even better, online advertising can allow you to collect potential leads directly by encouraging people to input their contact information immediately. Use targeted landing pages with forms that can capture email addresses and other relevant data quickly and easily.









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