QuickTapSurvey Used for Political and Voter Election Research

PCP Agencia is an election research agency based in Mexico. Recently they were tasked with the logistical challenge of collecting voter candidate preferences for a local election.

PCP needed a secure and reliable survey tool, one that would appeal to thousands of voters of all demographics. Additionally, real-time analytics were a must. Up-to-the minute results needed to be broadcast at the campaign headquarters. Voter election research has no room for errors, no second chances. The solution had to be rock solid. After careful consideration and deliberation, PCP chose QuickTapSurvey.

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Political and Voter Election Survey Research by QuickTapSurvey

The Challenge

  • Replace existing data capture methods prone to “fake responses”
  • Find a solution that eliminates data re-entry, data loss
  • Provide visually rich experience that appeals to voters of all ages, denominations
  • Capture preferences of thousands of voters while capturing their geolocation
  • Keep campaign directors up-to-date with responses


The Solution

  • Use a mobile, cloud-based solution with live reporting capabilities
  • Use the QuickTapSurvey Android tablet app
  • Custom brand survey with political campaign logo
  • Scale QuickTapSurvey to multiple devices, locations. Use Android geolocation feature
  • Display live voting results in campaign headquarters


The Results

  • Campaign was deemed a huge success. Flawless, reliable data capture
  • Voters were thrilled with the modern tablet interface
  • Live results were beamed onto screens monitored by campaign directors
  • Real-time election reports showing voter demographics became a valuable marketing tool
  • Guaranteed continued usage of QuickTapSurvey



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