QuickTapSurvey Takes a Shot at Archery Tag

On Thursday, August 25, 2016 the QuickTapSurvey team headed over to Ralph Thornton Centre to participate in Archery Tag hosted by the Archery Initiative!

The Archery Initiative first taught us very important safety tips and the key how-tos: identify which is your dominant eye (cool tip: place your hands in a triangle shape about 1 arm length away from your face and move the triangle towards your face, whichever eye your hands go towards that would be your dominant eye), how to properly nock and arrow, and most importantly how to shoot. We learned that the key in archery is to aim with your body not just your eye.

In archery tag, you are required to use your standard bow and arrows. But as an added safety measure, the tips of the arrows are covered with two inch cylindrical foam tips, similar to a marshmallow shape, that helps cushion when it strikes you. We also put on some face masks and arm guards to avoid that horribly bruised arm.

QuickTapSurvey Archery Tag

Once the games began the group was separated into two teams: Team 1 – Team Harambe and Team 2 – Team Banki. All archery tag games are variations of dodgeball games that most students would have played as kids, and they have been adapted for archery which makes these games very fun! The team participated in four different types of games in the span of over an hour:

  1. Knock Out Round’s objective is obviously to win. In order to win the Knock Out Challenge each team must complete one of the following tasks: (1) knock out all of the opposing team’s player or (2) knock out all the opposing team’s five targets located at the centre of the field. Having two options to win allows teams to bring interesting strategies to the field.
  2. Final Elimination is very similar to the Knock Out Round but with an added level of difficulty for teams to win. Teams will only win by knocking out all the opposing team’s player. This may sound easy at first but having to duel between teams is difficult when players are taking cover behind the bunkers.
  3. Doctor Doctor game is very similar to a traditional dodgeball game. The teams pick someone who is designated as “doctor”. The doctor’s responsibility is to revive any players who have been struck to bring them back in to the game. The way to win this game is to eliminate all the opposing team’s players. Pro tip: Try to eliminate the Doctor first to make it easier.
  4. The Zombie Game was our personal favourite! The objective of this game is to hit all of the opposing team’s players. However, unlike the other games when a opponent is struck they are out, in this variation when an opponent is struck they join the opposing team. This game is played in either a time duration format or last man is standing.

Team events are a great way to unite your team and bring everyone closer together. Beyond this they are also a great tool in building and maintaining a strong company culture, establishing company moral and camaraderie among staff, and more importantly strengthening communication and problem solving skills while under pressure. We successfully achieve this and more by creating blended teams, which mixes people from our Customer Support, QA, Marketing and Engineering teams.

Overall the QuickTapSurvey team had an absolute blast!

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