QuickTapSurvey Helps Toronto Pearson International Airport With Long-Term Satisfaction Study

Toronto Pearson International Airport needs no introduction. The second busiest airport in North America in terms of international passengers, it handles in excess of 44 million total passengers a year through its two terminals. At Toronto Pearson, there are more than 1,180 planes that take off and land each day. The size of a small city, Toronto Pearson is a powerful transportation hub used by just about all of the world’s major carriers and is home to Canada’s flagship carrier, Air Canada.


With 44.3 million passengers in 2016, Toronto Pearson is also Canada’s largest airport. In June 2017, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) installed additional security screening procedures that would impact thousands of travelers each day. Changes were made to boarding pass scanning, line entry, and passenger distribution. According to a market research study conducted by the U.S. Travel Association, when asked to list their top frustrations with air travel, travelers chose these three issues related to security:

1) the wait time to clear the security checkpoint

2) having to remove shoes, clothing, and personal belongings at the checkpoint

3) employees who are not friendly


With the goal to transform their terminals into memorable experiences rather than just a place to pass through, Toronto Pearson’s management, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) had the vision to capture and monitor passenger sentiment over time. They needed to inform passengers that their voices were being heard and their feedback was seen as important. To do this, they needed a partner that could provide feedback technology that was reliable, hassle-free and above everything else, user-friendly. That partner was QuickTapSurvey. 

“QuickTapSurvey went above and beyond what was initially offered to quickly develop new features that would make our project a success. In particular, their kiosk failure notification that helps us achieve 0% downtime is something we couldn’t live without. We look forward to continue monitoring passenger satisfaction and making impactful business decisions with the resulting QuickTapSurvey data.”

Ann Alemi
Senior Representative, Passenger Engagement
GTAA (Greater Toronto Airports Authority)


Five weeks after their first introduction, QuickTapSurvey helped the GTAA launch their first passenger security experience kiosks. Each passenger feedback kiosk contained 15 questions and was available in both English and French. The GTAA was crystal clear about their ask. Too often companies roll out a broad satisfaction survey that covers numerous areas within, but the GTAA wanted none of that. Their goal was singular and hyper-focussed: learn how passengers perceived their security experience while finding ways to improve the security screening process.

Survey Customer Satisfaction Toronto Pearson Airport

With the help of QuickTapSurvey, the GTAA designed a survey that would help answer the following questions:

  1. Are passengers happy with the security screening process?
  2. Are the signage instructions easily understood?
  3. Are screening staff respectful?
  4. Can wait times be improved?
  5. Are there any suggestions for overall improvements?

The results were quick to arrive, with over 55,000 survey responses collected within the first year alone. Today, Toronto-Pearson has 17 passenger satisfaction kiosks at terminals dedicated solely to this experience and are monitoring their QuickTapSurvey analytics reports closely for future expansion.







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