Offline Survey App: Collect Data Anywhere

An offline survey application is tool that can be used to collect data from users without an internet connection. The offline feature does not reduce any functionality that a user could find on an online app, in fact it allows data to be collected from anywhere at anytime. Using an offline survey app offers more opportunities to collect quality data.

How To Conduct Surveys Offline

QuickTapSurvey is an advanced survey software that allows users to create surveys online on a desktop computer. Users can then sync their surveys with a mobile device and collect data using the survey offline. All of the data that is collected while the device is offline is stored in the app until an internet connection becomes available and the data is synced with your online account where is can be analyzed.

online and offline data capture

Why Offline Surveys Work

The best time to collect data is after a service has been delivered. Whether it be collecting customer feedback at a coffee shop or inspecting the cleanliness of a hospital, the faster the data is collected the more accurate it will be. Not only will responses be more accurate, more responses will be collected if a user can complete a survey onsite as opposed to going home and either being emailed a survey or having to find a survey online. If users are given time to forget about their experience they will. Close the gap using offline survey apps. 

Who You Should Use An Offline Survey App

Anyone who needs to capture information will find value in an offline survey application. Here are some main uses:

1. Lead Capture

Start the conversation with potential customers by collecting and storing contact details using a mobile device. Not all venues will have wifi so the ability to collect responses offline ensure you are still collecting key information.

2. Research Surveys

Gather information for market research, product research or a social science experiment using a mobile device to get exactly the data you need. The ability to collect data offline will allow users to go off the grid and collect data more accurately and precisely.

3. Feedback Surveys

Find out how pleased customers are with your product or service by handing them a tablet and asking them for their valuable opinion, using an offline survey app . Unreliable or overused wifi connections should not prevent you from collecting valuable feedback.


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