New App Release Features Big Changes to Your Favorite Question Types

We’ve had a busy summer! Our August app release is packed with new functionality and includes a whopping 15 new and/or improved features to help you customize your surveys even further. Available on both iOS and Android, our latest release includes all the same functionality, plus some amazing design enhancements like survey list icons differentiating survey types, and performance enhancements such as Oauth for Salesforce.

Android users have an extra reason to celebrate – the app underwent a major redesign and has been redeveloped significantly with a more compelling UI, and intuitive new features. QuickTapSurvey Android v8.0 is our biggest app overhaul since we first launched the Android app back in 2013. Now if that isn’t a reason to update we don’t know what is!

Although we’re excited about every aspect of this release, here’s a closer look at three of our most requested, and favorite new features.

Reverse Satisfaction Rating

You can now customize the order of the 5-point scale represented by a smiley face on our Satisfaction Rating question type. Intended to represent sentiments from negative to neutral to positive, the previous version only allowed the icons to display from extremely unsatisfied to the left to extremely satisfied on the right. Now you can reverse that order to start with the green smiley and end with the red frown. We built this functionality based on recent research which shows that the visual design of a rating question also influences survey processing and responses.

satisfaction rating

Multiple Choice with Randomized Answers

Research showed us that the first and last answers tend to get picked the most simply because of the order answers were displayed in on the screen. The new Multiple Choice with Randomized Answers helps to randomize the order of all choices by simply selecting the Randomize toggle. If you’re looking to combat survey bias introduced by order then this feature was made just for you.


survey randomization


Multiple Choice Many Answers with Other

Multiple Choice Many Answers is used to select one or more answers from a list of 36 possible answers. If you’re already using this popular question type, you can now include the ‘Other’ option without having to set up the answer choice using the Complex Skip Logic feature. Simply select the Other toggle on your question and you’re good to go.

Some other features that went out in this release include the following. Feel free to email us if you have any questions about any of them.

    • Survey list icons differentiating Survey Types
    • Survey name active on first creation
    • New Help Center navigation
    • Scheduled reports unsubscribe functionality
    • Automatic login after verify
    • Spinner on Add Questions
    • Oauth for Salesforce Integration
    • Start and End screen Rich Text Editor Support


Make a Wish!

Our product team is working hard to deliver many exciting updates this year to QuickTapSurvey. As always, our releases are centered around customer feedback (it’s all about you guys). If you have any feedback, please “make a wish” within our product. We review all of your requests.

Note: Some of these are only available on our iOS app at the time of writing. An Android release is already in the works.




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