McDonald’s Kiosks Tablets Raise The Bar On Fast Food Customer Service

kiosksIf you haven’t noticed by now, McDonald’s has introduced self-serve kiosks where customers can order their meal via touch screen.

These kiosks were originally implemented in Europe in 2011 with the intention of replacing cashiers and cutting down on labor costs. While high tech looking, they were not particularly warm and inviting.

Though just last year, McDonald’s began implementing more visually appealing self-serve kiosks in various locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Company representatives said they were intended to enhance customer experience by speeding up ordering time, reducing human error and allowing for order customization.

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To say that McDonald’s kiosks are revolutionary is a bit of a stretch, but they are certainly pushing the boundaries of what is expected in a fast food environment from a customer service perspective.

Part of what makes the kiosks unique is that customers can order using the customizable “Create Your Taste” menu. The options are plentiful, including nearly 30 burgers, two types of buns, 12 toppings and nine sauces. And if customizing feels like too much work, you are free to choose items from the regular menu like a Big Mac or McChicken. Several McDonald’s locations also have servers who deliver your meal to your table once you’ve used the self-serve kiosk.

Aside from the obvious customization benefits, the kiosks also reduce the chance of employee error. How many times have you ordered a meal at a drive-thru only to be disappointed when you get home and realize you have someone else’s order?

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McDonald’s is trying to avoid these scenarios while hoping to make your meal more of an “experience”. Rather than gulping down a burger and running off to your next appointment, they want you eat in a relaxed manner because it is ultimately better for their bottom line.

The fast food chain is simply the latest company to jump on the trend of using kiosks to enhance the customer experience. Several other large companies like Tim Hortons use kiosk surveys as a way of collecting customer feedback on an iPad.

We personally think using kiosk technology to improve business operations and enhance the customer experience is the way of the future. We applaud businesses that already use it and encourage more to try.

Shereen Dindar
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