Lead Capture Guide: How to Beat the Competition at Trade Shows

Lead capture refers to retaining customers that can later be converted into sales. Usually vendors will ask for a customers name, their needs and, a way to follow up with them. Typically people capture leads at trade shows, expos, or other sales events. Collecting  leads efficiently can revolutionize how you sell and save time, money and, resources.

Lead Capture Evolution

People have been setting up booths and meeting face to face with clients since there have been things to sell. Before mobile devices and tablets were available people would collect leads with pen and paper and then manually qualify, decide how likely the client was to buy, the lead. Today leads can be recorded directly onto a mobile device allowing for more efficient, accurate, and fun lead capture.


Why Capture Leads

Capturing leads is one of the first steps to creating a long term relationship with a new customer. It is a great way to find qualified customers who are actually interested in your product. It can help with future marketing efforts as it establishes a target market.

Lead Capture Checklist

1. Create an irresistible offer

Marketing at a trade show can be tough because everyone is selling similar products. Consider offering a product discount or a prize that can be won by visiting your booth. Set yourself apart to increase traffic to your booth.


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2. Collect prospects information via a data capture app

Provide a quick and fun way for interested customers to exchange information. Create a short survey that asks key questions to the customer that will allow you to follow up late. Remember that not all trade shows and locations have accessible or free wifi so consider using an application that can collect data offline.


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3. Follow up with your leads

Don’t let all your work and resources go to waste. The most important part of lead capture is closing the deal. Always follow up with your leads promptly. Consider using an auto email feature to reach all of your leads.

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Lead Capture Guide: How to Beat the Competition at Trade Shows
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Lead Capture Guide: How to Beat the Competition at Trade Shows
Lead Capture guide to collecting data offline or online at events or even tradeshows. Using this lead capture guide you will collect that data you need from your surveys.
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