Key Questions to Include in Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Patient satisfaction surveys can provide your healthcare organization insight into exactly what it is doing well, and what it can do better. Asking your patients for feedback can guide quality improvement projects, as well as make patients feel heard and understood.

Research shows that patient satisfaction surveys help improve the overall efficiency and profitability of private healthcare clinics. According to the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), almost 80 percent of the highest-performing medical practices use patient satisfaction surveys.


If it’s time for your organization to create a patient satisfaction survey, we have all the information you need to be launch a succesful survey in under ten minutes.

Questions to Ask in a Patient Satisfaction Survey

It’s best to ask questions that cover the entire patient experience in your survey, from booking an appointment to the check out process. You don’t need to go into great detail in any one area; leaving an open comment box at the end of the survey can be used to cover any additional feedback patients may have.

If your organization provides a wide array of services, it may be best to create a survey for each department. For instance, you may ask questions about specific types of procedures, such as MRIs, x-rays, or blood work. You may also tweak questions for different processes, like booking appointments or the check in process.

Here are 10 questions to get you started on creating a patient satisfaction survey for your healthcare organization.

  1. Would you recommend our clinic to a family member or friend?
  2. What could we have done better?
  3. Was it easy to make an appointment?
  4. Were you pleased with the check in process?
  5. Were you seen in a timely manner?
  6. Rate your confidence in this care provider.
  7. Rate how well the staff worked together to care for you.
  8. How much concern did the care provider show for your questions or worries?
  9. During your most recent visit, did this provider listen carefully to you?
  10. Rate the friendliness/courtesy of the care provider.

How to Create a Patient Satisfaction Survey

Now that you have some suggested questions to use in your survey, it’s time to dig into how to actually create and launch one. Here are four easy steps to follow to help you begin collecting patient feedback in no time.

Choose a software 
When choosing a survey software, it’s important to keep ease of use, cost, and functionality in mind. It’s also a good idea to collaborate across departments to know what other surveys might be helpful to implement. Consider how you want to deploy these surveys, whether in person, through an email, on social media, or on your website. For patient surveys, it’s a good idea to choose a tool that makes it easy to capture feedback in real time.

Many survey tools double as online form builders as well. You may want to do an audit of your current forms to identify data capture needs across the organization. Using one tool for many departments is an easy way to improve productivity while cutting costs.

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Create your survey questions 

When creating your survey questions, begin with thinking about your organization’s goals. Is it quality of care? Speed of check in or check out? Easy access to healthcare? Focusing on goals will help you identify what data you need to collect and what questions to ask.

Start with the 10 questions above and edit as necessary. You can also choose a free template to help guide your question development. Keep in mind: if you don’t truly need the data collected from a question, don’t ask it!

Design and launch
Once you’ve decided on a survey software and questions, you’ll need to design and launch your survey. The right survey app will make it easy to launch branded, well designed surveys in under 10 minutes. Once your survey looks the way you want, choose how to distribute it. For patient satisfaction surveys, it’s best to distribute them either in-person or through an email link the same day of their appointment.

Healthcare Survey Best Practices

Follow these best practices to ensure your patient satisfaction survey gets the submissions you need to produce reliable data.

  • Limit survey questions to 10 or less
  • Use a consistent rating scale across all questions
  • Include only a few open answers
  • Avoid medical jargon
  • Do not make open answers required
  • Sent it out within 24 hours of appointment

Create a Patient Satisfaction Survey Now

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