January Product Wishes Granted – Kiosk Notifications and Satisfaction Rating Reporting

Happy New Year! The first release of the year boasts two new features to our kiosk app to improve their reliability and a few enhancements to exporting data and editing your survey content.

Kiosk App Survey

*NEW* Kiosk App Survey Features

If you use kiosk app surveys to collect customer feedback, you likely already know that making sure that your surveys are up and running and collecting data is crucial. Giving you peace of mind and improving visibility around kiosk reliability were the inspiration behind this release.

Kiosk App Failure Notification

kiosk failure notification

Kiosk failure notifications enable you to create email alerts when a kiosk becomes unresponsive. Note: this feature is available for Expert plan users only.

Active Kiosk App Reports

Provides you with a view of all of your current kiosks that are active.

Product Enhancements

Two big enhancements were part of this release centered around data export, and a new editing tool for your survey content.

Export Satisfaction Data to CSV

These enhancements came directly from customer feedback. You now have the ability to download data for your satisfaction surveys into a CSV.

Updated Editing Tool

We’ve equipped our survey builder with a new text editing tool to make it easier to format question titles and the content in your alerts.

What’s on Deck?

We’ve got a few big releases coming up in the next few weeks that we are thrilled about. One is a complete makeover of the survey app UI (this will blow your mind), and the second is the addition of new automated reports.

Make a Wish!

Our product team is working hard to deliver many exciting updates this year to QuickTapSurvey. As always, our releases are centered around customer feedback (it’s all about you guys). If you have any feedback, please “make a wish” within our product. We review all of your requests.

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Melissa Wood

Melissa Wood

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